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Removing washing machine

Jo Green

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Hi all,


I am currently renovating my narrowboat and I need to un-plumb and remove a washing machine. I have no water in my water tank at the moment so I know it's safe to remove it without worrying about flooding the boat, but how do I permanently remove all the plumbing and disconnect the pipes from the water tank? I'm hoping this is a very easy job and I'm just showing my total lack of knowledge here!

I'd greatly appreciate any advice.


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Each of the fill hoses (there may only be one) should be connected to an in-line tap. Turn them ( it ) off, disconnect the hoses then fit brass blanks (3/4" gas thread) to permanently seal the taps against leakage. They are available from most plumber's merchants

eg. http://www.plumbcenter.co.uk/en/plumbing/fittings/brassware/fittings-spares/stop-end-and-washer-3-4-brass-59047



The waste outlet hose will need to be disconnected and once again, the fitting that it was connected to should be securely sealed.

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Inevitably - it all depends...

That is it depends on how it was installed initially - not a lot of help


It consists of:-

  1. Unplugging the electric power lead
  2. Disconnecting the water supply pipe
  3. Disconnecting the waste water outlet

1. could be complicated if there's no power socket, so it's been wired in through a junction box. Make sure that the power is switched off first!

2. For this you'll need a spanner or (aargghh) a large pair of pliers. You will need to 'cap off' the end of the pipe with a blanking plug

3. If the waste water pipe goes to a fitting in the hull of the boat, it ought to be capped off, or at leas blocked off. If it's connected to a sink waste then you will need to seal that off.


So there's some thoughts.

If you're still confused - then take some photos and post them on here so that others can give you good, specific advice.

It's not complicated - you just need some tools and 'fittings'




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Are you removing as in junking the machine? The reason I ask is because earlier this year we bought a new machine following the death of the old one and.......it turned out the boat had been built around the washer! No matter how we tried it would not come out of the galley so we ended up dismantling the whole darn thing which actually proved quite a task.

With this in mind have a measure up and have a couple of beefy mates on tap to help shift it.

The new machine went in with no problems.


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