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Max size alternator BMC 1.8


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You say second alternator, so are presumably also going to be retaining an existing lower powered on?


What current is that, and do you plan to use it just for starter battery charging.

I think the issue with ones as big as 100 amps will not be so much the load they place on the engine, but coming up with pulleys and belts to drive it adequately.


Generally people seem to thing only up to about 70/80 amps is really sound with a standard 10mm "V" belt.

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Yes, I have a 30amp standard alternator at present. I have a triple crankshaft pulley from Calcutt boats, so each would be driven separately.


I'd heard that 70-80 should be around max for a 10mm V. But I've also read that a 100amp alternator won't crank nearly that amount at idle/low revs.


In case it makes any difference, I have a 180amp sterling alt-batt charger. I'd quite like to use as much of that 180amps as possible!



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