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Our 'Care of' address is currently with our daughter's address which is fine with the very little post we now receive, most of our correspondence is via the web, but having now sold our house - how/who do we register with so that we can vote. With the likelihood of us - hopefully - having a vote on our continued membership of the EU fiasco I want my/our vote to be counted. Can anyone throw any light on what to do?

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You can register to vote with no fixed address, otherwise it would exclude the homeless. Check your council website for details.Only need an address that you lived at for some time. That referendum is about the only reason I would bother..

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I believe that you can choose to vote either at your daughters address, or at your previous address (or anywhere else where you can show some sort of local "connection".)

If you intend to vote in normal elections then I would choose the area where your vote is most likely to count (a marginal constituency)

However there are also advantages in getting on the electoral roll at your postal (c/o) address. I believe this is the first thing checked when someone wants to confirm your identity (getting bank accounts etc)



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If you go on the electoral roll at your postal address, do you therefore become liable for council tax? Our son, who lives there, has an exemption.


Our daughter's in exactly this position; we're registered to vote at her address, but she has the single occupancy rebate on her CT. Every so often (about twice in eight years) the council writes and asks her what's going on. She rings up and explains and they're happy until next time.


If ever they decided not to allow her rebate I reckon we'd make up the difference to her. Apart from being able to vote, as an earlier post has said, it's often the first thing checked for ID purposes (banks, passport office, driving licence…). It also means we can get our bus passes from that local authority.

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