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  1. I've got a burning question: I'd be interested to know how many boaters burn candles on their boats. I have a stock of tea lights, a fragrant candle and a few medium size candles. To light or not to light, that is the question. If you do burn candles, do you put them on saucers, in jars, in purpose built holders or what? Please respond to the poll questions, so I can get a feel for your views. Thanks.
  2. Is that straight or tapered, Mac of Cygnet?
  3. So I think I'll eat cake (as the diet doesn't begin until 2014) - Christmas Cake that is. Must have earned it doing the swing bridge and unmooring and mooring!
  4. OK, I guess I'm not the only one who will be starting on a diet tomorrow. My question is, how many calories can I expect to lose working a lock on average? Assume I arrive at the lock on foot and work the boat through, getting aboard again after the lock, while the better half stays on the boat. Suggestions will be humorously received.
  5. Are cards still available at CRT Leeds Office? When is CRT Office open - esp. 23rd,24th Dec? Anywhere else? On-line is no good for us cc-ers! Do any of the permanent moorers sell cards?
  6. I rang this morning and was told assisted passage is no longer available on the Wigan flight. :-( So it's DIY tomorrow unless anyone turns up to help.
  7. Is the Bridge Inn still open or do we have to go to the Lord Combermere when we manage to get to Audlem?
  8. What sort of blow lamp would you recommend? Alternatively, is there an electric heater that could be connected to the battery? (No need to get hat and coat - already wearing it!) Seriously, what did you have in mind when you said heating them in winter? I was wondering if anyone had produced a hot water bottle for batteries - the gas hob could heat the water.
  9. where can you get the cradle - any pics?
  10. If you go on the electoral roll at your postal address, do you therefore become liable for council tax? Our son, who lives there, has an exemption.
  11. Thanks Martyn Unfortunately they can't supply without the belt dimensions - which I don't have.
  12. Can anyone recommend a mail order supplier for a spare belt for a Barrus Shire Travelpower alternator - part no. RDG6076?
  13. caused by the Rivers Calder and Hebden respectively?
  14. Sorry, your logic is faulty. It was dry last year, therefore.....
  15. On Monday, we (that's two of us on Epiphany) entered Tardebigge Top Lock 58 at 12:57 and exited Lock 41 at 15:24, meeting no boats on the way. I make that 2 hours 27 minutes. Despite a boat having gone up earlier, there was hardly a lock that didn't need topping up in order to open the top gate, and many were empty. On Tuesday we entered Lock 40 at 09:55, exited Tardebigge Bottom Lock at 11:47 (1 hour 52 mins) and Stoke Bottom Lock at 13:07 (1 hour 20 minutes). You might have "heard of" but I bet you haven't "seen"! In any case, there's a view to be enjoyed, don't forget! We moored at Halfway House Bridge (between locks 41 & 40)- no problem, but there were few boats around. There are good semi-rural moorings North of Bridge 41 at the top of the Astwood Flight. We moored there last night. Or you could moor near the Stoke Sports Club (Stoke Works), South of Bridge 42, nearly opposite the Boat & Railway Pub. Have a look at our blog for a few more details.
  16. Address is jeff.whyatt@britishwaterways.co.uk (one dot less) I have generally had replies - eventually.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. To save clicking, in the hope it can be traced: Unicorn on 25/2/2010 or see here: Unicorn in nb Epiphany's Gallery
  19. If it has just gone missing, it could have passed us at Hopwood this evening. A boat went by in a southerly direction at about 7pm without any lights. By the time we looked out it was unrecognisable because of the dark. (N.B. the picture used was from our website - as it shows on the picture! If someone had emailed us to say it was being used, we might have been able to identify the passing boat)
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. As I pointed out to my Blogger today, the notice from BW EMidlands said: "Due to the current weather conditions, the River Witham has now frozen over." - It would be surprising if the River Witham had frozen over due to anything but the weather conditions.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. Iced over at Cambrian Wharf Birmingham this morning
  24. Still not iced over at Cambrian Wharf, yet air temperature is still below freezing. Who is feeding in the hot water?
  25. Thanks for that confirmation, Alan. I suggest we use the term "iced over", as others have already, so that a search for "iced" would be a quick method to check the H20 status.
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