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  1. So sad to hear about Mick, Penny and I travelled in company with Mick and Gingery from Salters Lode to Northampton in July, he was travelling to Watford to visit his brother who was ill. Condolences to Kevin and the family, he was a lovely gentleman Alan and Penny Jones
  2. only TWO CANS of RED PORT LEFT TWO blasts on horn = I turn to port (left) Port hand bouys are CAN shaped ( starbord bouys are conical) PORT is RED PORT is LEFT this should be read as though you are entering a port or going upstream, remember to reverse the handing when going down stream or leaving port. hope this is of some use Old Al
  3. Does anyone have details of the special windlass needed for the Middle Levels locks, being a dyed in the wool tight wad, i thought I would make one for use later in the season, Thanks in anticipation. Old Al
  4. Do any of you guys have experience of DIY fuel tank cleaning, I'm talking about the accumulated crud and water in the bottom of the tank, how do you do it, and what equipement do you use? Thanks Old Al
  5. My first attempt at posting worked so well I'm going to have another go. Can any of you wise sages tell me, do i need a special type of blacking for my water tank, I only use it for washing, cooking, and cleaning, not drinking, or will ordinary black bitumen paint be OK. Thanks in advance, I have great confidence in you guys. Old Al
  6. Old Al

    dab radio onboard

    many thanks for all your very helpfull replies it gives me much of your experience to draw on. Thanks Old Al
  7. Hi everyone, i'm new here so be gentle. I am thinking of fitting a DAB radio to my boat but am unsure about the reception on the more remote sections of the canal, does anyone have experience or advice on this subject. Thanks Old Al
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