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  1. My first visit to the Lancaster, not a good start, had to leave the boat for 2 weeks, so moored up near Salwick Hall, returned to find the boat had been burgled, all the electrical stuff gone, items of clothing, tools, even my ancient push bike. So we decided to move away from the area and found a spot near bridge 30, moved the car up to a pull in on Blackleach Lane, only to find the next morning the passenger window smashed and the princely sum of £2 taken from the ashtray, am I unlucky, or is this a secret crime hot spot? Do I get the next Ribble link booking or stay for the winter? Steve
  2. Hoping to go down the Wigan flight on or about 9th Oct, if anyone is planning to go down, would be glad of the help! Steve
  3. Thinking of bidding on a mooring at Bramwith Lock on the Stainforth and Keadby, went to look at it yesterday, seemed Ok, but there were a few local youths messing about with the lock gates, and on their way home, decided to dump a rubbish skip in the canal. Put us off a bit, maybe just a one off, anyone had any trouble here? Cheers Steve
  4. Thanks for all the replies......do it take it that no one has run a washer on a straightforward genny? ie no inverter technology?
  5. I have just bought a boat which has been used as a live aboard in a marina, it has a Beko domestic washer which was used with shore power. As I will no longer be in a marina, what type of generator will I need to run it? Very confused with all the options, from £1100 for a Honda with inverter technology,(do I need this to run a washer?), down to basic machine at £200.............Any help most welcome!
  6. I am considering a two year old trad boat on a piper shell, there is a weed hatch, but no access to it through the deck, seems you have to get to it through the engine compartment, is this normal? Think you would need 4 foot long arms to reach the prop. Every other boat I have been on has had an access hatch through the deck. am I missing something?
  7. Put an ad on ebay for some unopened Craftmaster paint, cheap at the moment, red I think, not my colour, but may be yours!
  8. Seen a boat for sale at Swanley Marina on a John White shell, looks OK to me, anyone have any experience of them? Cheers Steve
  9. At first I thought they were Alvechurch, but obiously not. Many thanks for all the replies....think I will look elsewhere!! Steve.
  10. Seen one of these on Ebay, seems a good buy, anybody know anything about this builder? Cheers Steve
  11. Having been a part owner of a shared ownership boat and been frutrated by it's ability to ground at the slightest oppertunity, when I eventually save up for my own boat, next year hopefully, I want to get something a bit little less ...deep, what is a good draft to aim for (present boat is approx 2 foot 9in at the stern). What is the normal in new or newish boats? Few builders seem to quote this in their specs, will a shallow draft compromise stability?Will be looking at boats approx 45 to 50 foot. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.
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