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  1. I totally agree with the last comment - especially now that the slight vibration in astern is now a substantial vibration going ahead. All I wanted was the thing done properly so we can be on our way but we have now spent six weeks dragging our heels between Rugeley and Middlewich hoping for some rectification. The other thing is that we have been led to believe that this is a Crowther prop - the engineer told me he had picked up the prop from Crowthers but needed to take it to his workshop to do something that would allow the prop to be fitted a Vetus shaft. It has only been in the last f
  2. This is the photograph - I hope - of the fitted prop. It does look a lot better in the photograph but believe me - the finish isn't as good as it looks http://s895.photobucket.com/user/goose4t/media/Crowther_zpsc347f40d.gif.html?filters[user]=137296974&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 This may be better:
  3. The marks I referred to have been made by an angle grinder and are definitely not the marks of production finishing. The shape of the blades are also noticeably different where as the ones in you photograph are what I would consider to be oval - the prop I have has a more teardrop shape. What size is the prop in you photograph? We have an 18/12 fitted at present. (I have tried to include/insert a photograph but am unsure if it will show).
  4. About two months ago we hit something under water when we left Marple on the Macclesfield canal heading South which bent one of the prop blades quite badly which caused a slight vibration when put in astern. As I was getting a 500 hour service on our Beta 43 at Higher Poynton I thought it could wait until then. I mentioned it to the guy (name excluded for reasons that will become obvious later) and when looked he said everything will have to be replaced - which was prop, shaft, seal, R&D coupling, the coupling between the gear box and the shaft and all four mounts plus the cost of getting
  5. Anyone know of any problems fitting a Crowther 18/12 propellor to a 1.25 inch Vetus shaft?
  6. Our 'Care of' address is currently with our daughter's address which is fine with the very little post we now receive, most of our correspondence is via the web, but having now sold our house - how/who do we register with so that we can vote. With the likelihood of us - hopefully - having a vote on our continued membership of the EU fiasco I want my/our vote to be counted. Can anyone throw any light on what to do?
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