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Finally had my Kelvin running at the weekend

Floaty Me Boaty

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Managed to get to to her and stayed the weekend, making a list of where i want her to be.

Great weekend, apart from the weather.

Just need to find a Kelvin specialist to give her a service for me.



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Hi Dave,

Nice to hear from you.

I remember when we met up last year you saying that there wasn't a lot to do, but what about a yearly service etc.

Certainly got a conversation going when she was running at the weekend.


Will need to source some touch up paint and get the Brasso out, when i get back from the USA.

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Annual Service:


Pump the oil out.


Take off at least one side door.  Clean out the sump.  An old tablespoon can be useful.  Plenty of rag is essential.

Remove and clean the oil strainer.  Refit strainer, side doors etc.

Refill the sump.


Remove rocker covers.  Check the valve clearances.

Remove and blow through the petrol jet.  Refit.

  Check the oil wicks are all working by standing the rocker covers on a thick newspaper.  Fill the oil wells. Wait for 1--2 hours.  Look at the newspaper.  It should have two oil spots per cover, where the wicks drip.  If not fit a new wick where the spot is missing.

Reassemble  rockers etc.


If it is going OK leave the injectors alone.  If not remove injectors for a clean and service by a specialist.

Change the injection pump oil.

Drain the water traps.

 Change the fuel filters.

Change the governor oil.

Change the governor packing if it is leaking.

Change the water pump packing if its leaking.

Change the gearbox oil.

Clean the "spare" spark plug if fitted.



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WOW, thanks for a very comprehensive reply.


I was going through the bag full of documents  that came with the boat, and recall reading along those lines.

There was even a copy of the original build spec from Kelvin.


I will still give Tom a call as an expert ear is always best, in my opinion.


Although i love playing with mechanics, a yearly service, by a Pro, maybe best, until i am 100% confident in maintaining her myself.


Old WW and AF spanners and sockets are ready to go.

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Remember the engine was designed for day-to-day servicing to be done by Scots fisher folk.  Only bigjobs needed a mechanic.  It is not complicated!  Certainly talk to Tom, and to Dick Goble.  Both know their Kelvin onions and will give you sound advice.



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