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Kepworth LiFePO4 Battery


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35 minutes ago, BEngo said:

100Ah LiFePO4 battery on Amazon for £379.  Seems a very good price, but not quite too good to be true.  Has essential emergency BMS stuff




Any one had any experience with Kepworth stuff?



Its not particularly cheap, £2274 for my 600Ah equivalent which I got for about £1800 , leaving £400 for a BMS and case. So as you say, not too cheap to be true. I notice it has no discharge below -5C which is odd, normally it is only low temperature charging that is a problem, usually you can discharge down to about -30. Maybe it's a misprint.

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3 hours ago, Richard10002 said:


No experience, but I wonder why no more than 2 can be connected in series?


"Can be connected in series (up to 2)"

Connecting Li batteries in series is problematic unless the BMSs all talk to each other in order to balance the cells. Otherwise if you approach normal charging voltage it could be that one battery hits its limiting voltage and is either damaged or disconnects, before the other approaches fully charged. And then the opposite problem where the lower charge battery disconnects due to low SoC. Unlike LA batteries, there is absolutely no intrinsic cell balancing - it has to be done by the electronics in the BMS both on a cell level and a battery level.

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