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And yet another alternator question: Is bigger always better

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3 minutes ago, Goliath said:

I see there are lots of A127 70A alternators that appear to be a straight swop for my A127 55A. 
With the same size pulley and all. 
I will need to check. 
Am I going to notice much difference going up to 70A?


The 90A alternators I see look like I will have to make modifications to brackets at least. 


Perhaps you should read this recent post...................  from the bugsworthtippler


Bugsworth Tippler

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I have now replaced the alternator for a new 12V 90 AMP MULTIFIT PRESTOLITE ALTERNATOR 66021590M. It appears to be running well and giving a voltage of 14.59V on the battery monitor which is very similar to the voltage on the starter battery. From memory I don't think the previous alternator gave anywhere near that value (probably 13 point something). I now know that a value below 14.2V was unsatisfactory but wasn't clear on that before.


My thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread and improved my knowledge.


One lives and learns - and I wish I'd known the actual identity of the alternator sooner so I could have avoided being 'ripped off' and paying £46 more than I would have paid if I'd bought from a company with an website who had them in stock and offered free next day delivery!

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