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BMC-D 2.2 Engine parts

Aussie Rog

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Im looking for misplaced engine parts, these parts were lost in transit


Timing chain guide

the large oil pipe in the sump

the bolt that holds the injector pump on.


If anyone has any idea where i can locate these partsI will be very grateful. The  engine has been rebuilt minus these parts so keen to get it going. It is out of a London Cab that has been fully restored. Unfortunately the first engine builder let me down.

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Sorry, Can't help much unless 2.5 parts fit, but even then  I think those parts may be difficult. It just might have been used in a Nuffield tractor so  vintage tractor magazines might give a clue. In the end, you might have to but another engine for the bits, especially the oil pipe (that I thought had a big strainer on the end).


There are three "bolts" that hold the injector pump on be t the DPA or inline pump, except I think they were studs and nothing special apart from the nut end was UNF. Knowing BMC there is a possibility that the of the stud end in the engine front plate is BSF. I can't see any great problem as long as you have the correct dies and a suitable length of steel rod. If it is a nut, I would expect UNF ones to be available locally.


Edited to add - I was wrong about the strainer being on the end of the pipe. Looking at the manual and dredging my memory, I suspect the pipe could be manufactured locally, as long as you can get suitable union fittings for the pump end. The strainer end is, I think, just a flange with a couple of screw holes in it.

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28 minutes ago, Bee said:

There used to be black cab parts companies in London and Liverpool who might still exist.


I checked a couple given on other forums and their websites seemed to have disappeared. I suspect the BMC engined cabs are now long gone in general use, so part stockist will be like hens teeth. I think the OP should message Richard (RLWP) to see what he can supply off his scrap engine and at what price.

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