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Lister FR2 Water outlet Manifold


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Hi There, i'm glad to meet a new comminity of knowledgeable folks. i am the proud owner of a rivetted steel yacht built in 1896. She has a Lister FR2 engine in good working order, but I am in need of a replacement water outlet manifold (part no. 292-2252). The one we have is beyond repair... I'd be interested in any leads or ideas; people who may know something or someone; reproductions or genuine parts. We need the engine to get round for our mast to be put in, so now this part failure is really holding back going sailing - the culmination of a 7 year restoration project. I look forward to any information you may have. Many thanks, Rich

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Marine Engine Services (Midlands), Sleeman and Hawkins or Marine Power Services would be my commercial starting points.  All should be googlable.


If no luck or useful steers there then it is  fabricate your own time.  Tony Redshaw Vintage Diesels at Braunston bottom lock should be able to help, also maybe Primrose Engineering.




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How "beyond repair" is beyond repair? RLWP above did a very good repair on a corroded FR water manifold for me. On the other hand I have watched the manifold from a raw-salt-water cooled engine literally turn into a heap of rust over about six weeks, whilst sat on a workbench, so I can believe it really maybe a lost cause.


A suitably skilled person could probably fabricate a replacement in steel or (better) brass. It's just two flanges in the same plane to bolt to the head, though with the complication that the flanges only have one mounting bolt each. 


Richard, were you thinking of the spare engine for the loan? The manifold which turned to rust came from that, so there's no chance there. I'm pretty sure industrial water rails are the same as marine ones.



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 hi, thanks so much for you replies. i have tried a couple of those leads but need to follow up again. Yes, maybe fabrication will be the way forward. I was hoping to find one gathering dust in a shed somewhere - as i just found one 5miles from where i live, and he sold it 2 weeks ago - what are the chances?!

MP - the same happened to mine, i'd taken the engine apart to service and paint, and the manifold spent too long on my bench. When i went to reassemble there is a deep crack going right through it...  Thanks again for your help, please keep your ears to the ground and if anything else comes to you let me know. Cheers, Rich

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