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Sumburgh Fog Horn


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Ah, been up there many times photo'ing puffins but never heard the foghorn go orf.

There's a bigger one on Flat Holm just off Penarth that prolly is louder. Same sort of kit if I remember rightly. Used to hear that very often in foggy weather from our house 3 miles inland.

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Great video, thanks for sharing. Must visit this place one day. I'm amazed how big the K2's look, I suppose in my engine room, I'm looking down on the engine so although still big, it doesn't look quite so big, if that makes sense! He seemed to rev them fairly high but still look very smooth, I would be sending ripples out rocking all the boats in the marina at anywhere near max revs!! I just wondering if they would miss one of their K2's, I could do with one for spares which hasn't been cooled by salty water.

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2 hours ago, Tractor said:



Gardner 3LW, 2 generators and a single Reavell air compressor, manufactured in Ipswich. A company subsequently sold by Howden’s to International Compressed Air Corporation.

The site was shut down in 1998, if the engines are still in situ I do not know?



All the kit is still in place. Only seen it through the window of the building.

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