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Motor & Butty identification


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Browsing the CRT archives and I came across these pictures. Can anyone help identify the pair, especially the motor?


Captioned as (obviously) an empty and clothed up British Waterways pair passing through the Anderton Boat Lift onto the T&M.


It's an interesting picture as they're both empty, yet clothed up and upon leaving the lift, the motor takes the Butty on a line rather than cross straps as I'd have expected?


I think there's some text on the motors cloths... but should have gone to specsavers :)


The link to the archive page is...



To me the Butty has the look of one of the cabined Yarwoods LMS station boats about it... but can't make out any other distinguishing features...



v0_web (1).jpg

v0_web (2).jpg

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5 minutes ago, Chris M Jones said:

Looks like a Henry Seddon of Middlewich pair, and probably have just transhipped their salt cargo. They are clothed up to keep the holds dry.

Mr Jones has just beaten me to it whilst I was looking at my photograph collection, and I agree with him.


The butty is definitely not LMSR, and there were as many different reasons for towing an empty butty on a line as there were boatman - but this would not be my preference :captain:

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2 hours ago, Kez said:

The motor appears to have no gunnels, could she be one of the converted horseboats?

Gunwales around the cabin are visible in the top image, where the colour changes. All of the Potteries motors were conventional in their construction, although some were 'barrel sided' :captain:

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