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Pete of Ebor

Leeds & Liverpool pub recommendations

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This year we're doing The Leeds/Liverpool from Barnoldswick > Apperley Bridge & back. We were originally going to go all the way down to Leeds, but decided that the extra half-day each way probably wasn't worth it just for an evening in Leeds. On the plus side, it gives us a more leisurely week, ie more time for pub-stops. So, apart from the towns like Skipton, Keighley, Bingley & Saltaire, can anyone recommend any good pubs which me might otherwise go straight past  - or indeed any pubs the we should go straight past !

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Shipley, just after Dock swingbridge.  Saltaire Brewery Tap is the other side of the boring looking office block ... just walk in through the brewery gates and turn right.


The Hop @ Saltaire in the old tramshed is a must.


If you like Turkish food then Ephesus at Rodley is worth going to although it's an hour further towards Leeds than you intend to go.


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Oh, and if you go an hour the other way from Barnoldswick you get to Foulridge and we can't recommend the Hare and Hounds enough under it's new owners.


You might want to do Foulridge tunnel while you are there so I'd suggest either doing that your short first day or to use up your last part day and night if you are back early.

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I seem to be doing this a lot lately, but people will keep asking about pubs!   From my 2018 Pub Cruise


Leeds & Liverpool Canal

WIGAN CENTRAL, Wigan (June 4) 5+4+5=14 Excellent beer choice, but limited seating. Rather bare, with intrusive music and noisy traffic. CAMRA discount (but noticed too late :( ) GBG

CROOKE HALL, Crooke (June 5 & 15) 4+4+6=14 Down-to-earth dog-lovers' local pub with proper snug bar but plastic glasses for outdoor drinking. GBG

TAP & BARREL, Wigan (June 6) 5+5+7=17 Relaxing (sometimes!) micropub, outlet for Martland Mill brewery. Pleasant artificially grassed covered court with HUGE sound system, so probably best avoided on music nights. GBG

BOAT HOUSE, Appley Bridge (June 16) 2+3+5=10 Not much here for a pub-lover, and didn't merit the Cask Marque sign. Music inescapable even on Canalside patio, where you can keep an eye on your boat. NOW CLOSED (apparently)

RAILWAY, Parbold (June 17) 4+3+7=14. Full of interesting things - books, piano, harmonium! But 2 large tellys, always on, jukebox and fruit machine. GBG

HOP VINE, Burscough Bridge (June 18) 5+3+6=14 GBG Very busy with diners on a Monday night, totally occupying a good mixture of old solid furniture, so went to:

OLD PACKET HOUSE, Burscough Bridge (June 18) 3+3+6=12 Comfortable, cavernous, echoing and empty. An old coaching inn which has outlived its purpose.

SHIP, Lathom (June 19) 5+3+7=15 Pleasant bar area separate from the dining room. Efficient but unsmiling service. GBG

HESKETH ARMS, Rufford (June 20) 5+4+8=17 Enormous, well-designed area with lots of rooms and plenty of space for non-diners. Crisps grown and produced in Rufford! GBG

RING'O'BELLS, Lathom (June 25) 3+3+6=12 Large empty pub with lots of differing spaces, but all rather bare and soulless.

WHEATSHEAF, Appley Bridge (June 26) 3+3+6=12 Pleasant if unremarkable roadside local up the hill from the canal. Not worth the walk, but see BOAT HOUSE (above)

RAVEN, Wigan (June 27) 4+4+7=15 Traditional town centre pub with old fashioned back room with ornate mirrors and classical bas-reliefs covered by England flags. Good value. GBG

COLLIER'S ARMS, New Springs (June 28) 3+3+8=14 Unpretentious local pub with good atmosphere, friendly service and no music.

TWO LEFT FEET, Haigh Hall (June 29) 2+4+6=12 Small, stark modern bar. Good service, but horrible music drove me out into the rather grand courtyard. Quite a haul up from the canal. Limited evening opening - check.

SPINNER'S ARMS ('Bottom Spinners'), Adlington (June 30 & July 1) 5+5+8=18 Comfortable, civilised, well-tended, beer oriented pub.A few books for decoration. Inexpensive. GBG

TOP SPINNERS, Adlington (July 1) 2+3+6=11 Basic, empty and more expensive, so went back down the hill to the Bottom Spinners.

MALT'N'HOPS, Chorley (July 2) 5+5+8=18 Behind the station. Excellent pub dedicated to good beer, with free snacks on Mondays (it was Monday!). Good atmosphere and value. GBG

SHEPHERD'S HALL, Chorley (July 10) 5+3+8=16 Basic, quiet micropub, but beer quality inconsistent GBG

ROYAL OAK, Riley Green (July 11) 5+3+7=15 Pleasant and peaceful but otherwise unremakable main road pub.

FORTS ARMS, Clayton-le-Moors (July 12) 4+4+6=14 Rather spartan back street local in a town where everything seems to be in the back streets. Justifiably inexpensive. GBG

HARE & HOUNDS, Foulridge (July 13) 5+4+8=17 Well-done modern refurbishment with quirky touches (piano, sewing machine, witch). Blessedly quiet.

CROSS KEYS, East Marton (July 14) 3+4+7=14 Less pretentious than it was, a straightforward large comfortable pub in a beautiful area. But not busy on a Saturday night.

MASON'S ARMS, Gargrave (July 15) 4+4+6=14 Pleasant enough local, with displayed trophies galore. Expensive for what it is.

BEER ENGINE, Skipton (July 16) 5+4+8=17 Tiny micropub with limited seating, but good atmosphere and service, and bookshelf. A good mixture of beers. GBG

WOOLLY SHEEP, Skipton (July 17) 5+4+7=16 Old-fashioned Timothy Taylor's town centre inn with an odd, elongated layout.

NARROW BOAT, Skipton (July 24) 5+4+7=16 Interesting layout, with gallery (in both senses - lots of pictures) above the bar. No telly!! GBG

KING'S ARMS, Silsden (July 25) 5+3+7=15 Pleasant, comfortable interior with several light, airy rooms and bookshelf. GBG

FANNY'S ALE & CIDER HOUSE, Saltaire (July 26) 5+5+8=18 Fascinating maze of (faux?) old rooms, decor and furniture on 3 levels. Music escapable. Good value. GBG

ALBION, Greengates (July 27) 5+3+7=15 Friendly, down-to-earth inexpensive local with a very sexy barmaid. (Am I allowed to say that?)

RODLEY BARGE, Rodley (July 28) 5+3+6=14 Unremarkable two-bar canalside pub with dour service and noisy clientele. Beers all local(ish).

RAILWAY,Rodley (July 29) 4+3+6=13 Old-fashioned inexpensive back lane pub with friendly service but spoiled by awful music. CLOSED MONDAYS.

WHITELOCK'S, Leeds (Aug ? 5+4+7=16 Dark wood, leather benches, stained glass. John Betjeman described it as 'the heart of Leeds', which is perhaps why it is VERY EXPENSIVE! (Pint + crisps = £5.70!!!).

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