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  1. Hi

    I was reading your posts from a few yrs back about moving aboard with a parrot. I'm about to do the same thing with an African Grey. How did you get on? Did the parrot survive?


  2. Thanks Alan, I rest my case If you can¨t beat them Join them. If you´re not convinced yet, take a look at this stuff for more proof *snip* from my CW inbox..... Sent from a deleted member. Who is it that can delete members I ask? Enjoy, goodbye and .God Bless
  3. NO, What´s wrong with claiming benefits? I wish I could I would clean them out if I had half a chance same as the polititions do If You can´t make sense of anything I say, why do you try? If you ever see me in the Uk again, It will be because I´m desperate and I will be in the front of the que.
  4. Don´t punish yourself mate Awww your not bad, just trying to be helpfull, I like this side of you It was my silly fault, not making it clear that I was actually thinking that Casper prefered the Uk because they had benefits there, sorry for the confusion, it confused me at first too.
  5. Thanks but, I would think one would have to have no means to qualify
  6. Nearly Missed this post, sorry Casper. Well Hi there I´m Pirate, nice to meet you Now you know me Who lost their boat, am I missing something here? please fill me in. Europe is vast, beautiful, and the canal networks are far superior to the Uk which IMO is back in decline, why don´t you check them out? Mind you, we can´t claim benefits
  7. Oh you do, All the best mate, I will miss, in a small way, our little run ins
  8. Oh but dor, no dissrespect intended, but you always were an easy one to fool friend
  9. I can´t understand how I come across as being angry to everyone?
  10. God is that how I come across? I´m not sure quite what is annoying you, what I say or peoples responses to what I say? Sorry I dont know how to express myself so well in type, please don´t judge me by my type, maybe just maaaaybe I just look wise next to some on here? Who knows, any way, Hello to you again, but it´s bye bye too coz were off again tomorrow, So I guess in a way your wish is granted.
  11. Ha ha, Not losing my cool, I can give as good as I get. My stories may make your hair curl
  12. Except to be insulting that is hey? Your 2nd post on this one thread
  13. Thanks, Every one is different and tackle things in there own way, mine got me results, good results, thats all that matters in the end. After all, here we are 5 years on and my boat name and the builder are still being brought up, please give me some credit, That´s a great result. It´s a pity that having learned so much about both sides in a case like mine, and how things work, that I don´t feel I want to share this info to help others and that´s soley down to some of the people on here. I don´t need support or sympathy, having everyone sticking their oars in on here has helped me immensley. So the idiots who suggest otherwise need educating. As I said before, I came back to see if I could help a fellow boater, because you will find (should I stick around) that I have an ability of getting things noticed on here, however turns out it´s long settled and I shouldn´t have bothered, anyway it doesn´t hurt to keep the builder in the front seat should he think of making a come back. If me coming on here saves one other person from falling into his clutches again I´ve done a good job. It was Strange for me to see that those, who at the time who were suckers and so easily taken in by the builder, (OP) and Partner are now slagging him off and saying it was things that I had made up that made them stand up for him. Total nonesence of course.
  14. So as not to be rude I will reply to you, all in one post, if that's alright Sueb, Yes that´s what makes a forum interesting. mrsmelly. I think your comment "UK is Tops" says a lot more about you than you could imagine, the canals in Europe we travel, are much better in every way, and IMO the people are much nicer. Bodger, re´ the loss of this forum, I disagree. Blackrose, as a Troll, can you rate me percentage wise, from 100 to 101. Gibbo, Pass Tim, I´ll second that what you call yourself. Nb No Deadlines, what can I say, 3 months owning a second hand boat and you "THINK" you are superior to everyone. Wanted, Not telling anyone what to do, simply advising serious boaters not to expect serious help here. Machpoint005, and some here think I don´t know what I´m doing. Daves6guitars, I don´t take anything serious on here, and I haven´t lost any money, What a strange comment you make. twbm, yes, thought it was you, why did´t you come aboard mate, I´m using a proxy server here just to confuse. Nb No Deadlines, keep trying to make moderator, I´ll have you running around in circles in no time. ChrisPy, Hi Polly, talking of cures how´s your fingers? Have they grown the skin back yet from trying to google so fast to get answers to post to try and look clever, or are you still at it. daves6guitars, one day you may learn how to manipulate folk on here to your own advantage, actually it´s really not so difficult. Boatless, your not yet at the stage that you can understand me. Don´t try to. Speedwheel, Me thinks you cant grasp what you just said, lol. whoops Grace&Favour, Thank you and I came to terms with any issues I may have had 4 years ago. Peter reed, This pirate still is, take a look at the bottom of the page. NB No Deadlines, Like I said to Blackrose, would you also be kind enough to rate me as a Troll, again in percentages say from 101 to 102. Alan Fincher, Again thank you. Wanted, please understand, talking to people on the street like you feel you can on here, may just end you up not needing to visit a dentist ever again, in fact this applies to many other posters on here. ymu, er it´s Not All on here, however I see you are thinking along the lines that it is, why is that I wonder? Flouncing and using the Internet to my advantage, Delicate? you´ve got such a lot to learn about me, it would seem. Carlt, Do you like anybody? You´r still the best arguer on here I bet? Yes I have a unique approach that gets results, and are now tried and tested. Did you ever clear your mess up around your boat by the way? David Shweizer, Please don't say you forgot me. Now I am upset. journeyperson, Maybe, Try researching more instead of spouting cr%p on here trying to look clever. Kiki, No I´m on my New Boat in Europe, We don´t refer to it as boating now, we call it living. On the move again shortly, where to next, decisions decisions, it´s hard in this heat, to get motivated. Well didn´t get an answer to the question yet did I?
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