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  1. Thanks Chris. Will keep that in mind. Thanks Scholar Gypsy - unfortunately Willowtree too far to get to in the time available, also we will be carrying on up the GU to Braunston, not going in to London. We are looking at and around Brentford really. J.
  2. Hi All Can anyone recommend somewhere to moor our boat for about 4 days once we get off the Thames at Brentford? We wish to start our journey over the weekend, and then go back to work, and return to the boat, say, the following Wednesday to continue our journey, so are looking for somewhere safe for a few days. Happy to pay for a marina berth if there might be one. I am probably being lazy not looking into this myself, but I always consider that the CWDF is the best place to start Thanks Jo.
  3. Hello, OP here. Don't get me wrong, I am not against spiders, and happy to have some on board and I love the webs they weave and the flies that they catch and all that stuff. Just love my curtains too, and want to dissuade them from certain parts of the boat if possible. However, at the very least you have all helped me appreciate there are far more uses for conkers than I originally envisaged, so thank you for that Jo.
  4. Thanks will try puncturing the conkers then, and put out a bit of citrus. Has anyone tried peppermint oil? Thanks for the laughs too. J.
  5. Yes, have always considered that having spiders was a sign that the boat is not damp, would just like to have less of them living in my curtains. We don't live on board, otherwise we would definitely have a cat, although not sure the cat would help much with this. J.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Hi all Our new mooring seems to be a haven for spiders and we are seeing them in the boat in bigger numbers than ever before. We have tried conkers on all the window ledges, etc. but this has not reduced the visitor numbers I just wondered if anyone living afloat has some tips on what to use to deter (but not kill) spiders. Thanks Jo
  8. Hi Junior, we have been on the waiting list for a National Trust mooring on the Wey since 2005. We are already at Farncombe Boathouse (on the Wey), but NT moorings are cheaper. If we don't take this offer, then it will be snapped up don't you worry!! J. Twinpot, thanks for your comments. Security is the thing. The Lengthsman said 1 break-in 2 years' ago, which I suppose is not too bad. The sewerage works does not bother me too much, as we never stay on the mooring to entertain. Will go and have a little look. J.
  9. Hello All We have been offered a mooring above Stoke Lock, Guildford. If any CWDF members know this area, I would very much appreciate any opinions on the suitability of these moorings, particularly the security of the site. We hope to visit on Saturday, and have cruised past here many times, but not sure.......... Thanks Jo.
  10. I think that you can get information about the Guildford Boat Rally from The National Trust office at Dapdune Wharf. But basically it is being held Saturday (best day) and Sunday near Millmead Lock, Guildford.
  11. Hi Richard Yes, arrive Friday evening Home on Sunday afternoon. We will be moored on the meadowside. Jo.
  12. That's one! any more? See you there stickleback. Jo.
  13. Anyone going to the Guilford Boat Rally this year? Just wondered if I would have any CWDF members to say hello to Jo.
  14. Congratulations to everyone who made this trip. We walked Deepcut on Saturday before you got there. It was looking lonely Jo.
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