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  1. Still struggeling with my week off from 12th to 19th March. So many stoppages, all the rings are out. Thought about hiring at Gayton and going to Oxford and back. But that warns of strong currents? If not hire at Alvechurch and do as much of the BCN as possible in a week.
  2. Last year we did the Warwickshire ring in a week in October with a detour to the Swan Inn at Fradley Junction. We have topped 50 locks in a day on a couple of trips so far.
  3. Looking at hiring a boat with an active crew this March. We have done both the Warwickshire and Leicester ring in a week each already so are up for a lot of locks. Looking at the Avon ring next. Any other suggestions for 100+ locks in a week?
  4. Does anyone live aboard and cc but leave the boat moored for say long weekends fairly regular on the towpath? Is ot safe to do so?
  5. Ok im now thinking along the lines of working in Reading as seen a few jobs their! Wjat would that be like to cc theor? Can you moor on Thames for 14 days around reading like canals? If so whats it like in winter does it flood? I realise I could also go on the first few miles of south Oxford canal and the Kennet and Avon it seems ideal?
  6. What marinas offer residebtial moorings? The only one ive seen so far has been BIlling aquadrone! Any others that advertise this?
  7. So if I wanted to cc in the south what would be best area im thinking anywhere south of BIrmingham where I could still have a permanent job thinking along the lines of pursuing a job on the railways?
  8. So if you you are a ccer how far are you expected to move?
  9. I have no idea at moment woulldb imagine itd be better to have a mooring as always got somewhete to go then when I needed it! Im only forming a long term plan at moment! Ive still got a few more months left of my apprenticeship to do yet!
  10. Its still a few years til il be able to set myself set up to live aboard! Guessing il need to find a job first in a given area! Id like to live bristol as would like to stilm be able to get to devon and Dorset seni regularly! However would need a mooring! Although midlands could work and Cc round one of the rings? How often do you need the boat lifted out water for anodes and blacking? Its a lot to think about but so keen to have this way of life! Guessing by planning early on itl give me a better chance in succeding!
  11. Thanks for advice so far! I would like to keep a car if possible! Would take a complete move for me as currently live in Devon! Im guessing a mooring would be better as I would still like to have the odd week away fron boat and long weekends! Do marinas normally let people live their semi permanent?
  12. Hi im only young 21 but want to eventually live on a canal but still have a a pernanent job! How do people earn money and what advice do you have for someone wantig to take this way of life? Currently a marine mechanical fitter working on ships but have helped someone move their boat for a week and hire a boat on Kennet and Avon!
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