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  1. Preston brook marina on the bridgewater canal. 14 miles (20 minutes) from knutsford Preston brook marina on the bridgewater canal. 14 miles (20 minutes) from knutsford
  2. It looks like the has decided to sell it. It appeared on eBay today, at least it looks like the same boat.
  3. There is hard standing at the golden nook farm, Huxley, Chester. Don't think there are any moorings available but the farmer will always put a boat on the land. Approx £1.55 per ft per month inc vat (my bill this year £840 for my 45 footer). There is electric via card meter which everyone shares, farmer hires a crane first weekend in November and first weekend in April, approx £100 per lift. Pump out diesel, gas and chandlery all available. Hope this is of help to you
  4. Conway is now floating and has been removed from the lock, canal is now open
  5. Yes, it opened on thursday, tried to go in but unlike previous landlords they wont let dogs in so we were turned away. The dog is only a small jack russel that sits quietly under the table in the conservatory, but no luck. I have been going to the barbridge for the last 38 years since I started boating with my parents at the age of 5. The dog always comes away with us so am really gutted we cant go anymore, hope the landlord changes his mind at some point but I understand the type of pub they are trying to create, it was very nice when we walked in, a lot of money spent on it...........jolley tar it is from now on
  6. Stirling narrowboats were built in ellemere port(about a mile from my home)but folded very quickly as soon as they were told that a hull they built was too wide. Paul williams boats bought a shell and fitted it out in chester, it was sold for £57000. It got stuck in the first narrow lock it came to, the bottom lock of hurleston flight on the llangollen canal, I was called to assist it through the lock. After a lengthy court battle (i was a witness in the case) it was established that the boat was 7'and 1/16" wide, a very stupid mistake by the builder cost everyone involved a lot of money but stirling got off scot free. It was banned from the llangollen canal but it goes round the rest of the system ok. The case was settled in 2009 but sadly because stirling folded quickly as soon as they were implicated, paul williams boats (who only did the fitting) was left to face the bill. The boat was a 62ft cruiser called skylark, moored at norbury the last time i saw it (late last year). We took another stirling boat built at the same time through hurleston with no problems before the trial. They were made as 10/6/4 as far as i can remember, it was a nice boat. Court transcripts and news articles here.......... http://www.grannybuttons.com/NB%20Skylark%20judgment.pdf http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/chester-news/featured-stories/2010/05/20/couple-in-row-over-the-sale-of-a-narrow-boat-to-wide-to-pass-through-the-narrowest-lock-in-the-country-59067-26480496/ (if the links dont work, just google paul williams boats chester) I would always advise anyone buying a boat in the cheshire/shropshire/staffordshire area to ask for photographic proof that its been up the llangollen, if not then a trial through hurleston before completion of the sale is a must. It is the narrowest lock in the country and the most popular canal, not one to miss. Best of luck in your search
  7. I have sold many boats over the years, all with free advertising and great success (apollo duck, boatsandoutboards, ebay, freeads and many more) I sold my last narrowboat Odin about 3 weeks ago only having it on the net for less than a week. I had enquiries from far a field all wanting more pics so what I did was a video tour uploaded to utube and a link fom each ad to utube or at least a note saying a tour was on utube. The buyer came from sussex to cheshire and is sailing back later this month. the video was the clincher that made him drive the 5 hours to see it. The boat wasn't that expensive (£16500) but it was the dearest boat I have ever sold and the quickest sale I have ever done, I would definately use a video tour if I ever want to sell the new one. Give it a go before you pay a broker, the brokers use these same sites anyway!
  8. Thanks Barry, going past there in two weeks time so will nip in, glad it's open again. Paul
  9. I have put a pic of Skylark in the gallery under general interest if anyone wants to have a look at it because I am having a bit of difficulty uploading it to the forum. Just out of curiosity and to go back to the original post by Paul Williams, what would you value a 7ft wide boat at (percentage wise) that supposedly wouldn't cruise this one canal. 2400 miles of waterway (aprox) and the court says it cant make the 24 miles to Llangollen, that to me says 1% less in value. What does everyone else think?
  10. It came to court 3 times before the trial took place and each time they tried to present new evidence or change something without Pauls side having chance to look at it. for example the first one they presented a survey with width which the judge dismissed, adjourned the case and ordered a joint survey so both parties could agree on size. The cost of the first three trial has fallen to the Preeces because of their incompetent barrister (which they sacked for the 4th trial), these costs will far far outway any compensation they will receive. A hollow victory with no winners apart from the lawyers and barristers, also when this boat is sold on at some point it is going to have to be sold as, and I quote "NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE". Who the hell is going to buy that! Good point. not something I thought of. I remember sailing past and seeing a few live aboards there I think they might be residential. They didn't want these moorings because as a manager of a chemical plant he has to be within 45 mins from his work in an emergency and Fron puts him about 90 mins away.
  11. I know when Paul took the deposit on the boat they where officially going to continously cruise (but unofficially they where going to live on visitor moorings at the trooper which he and I weren't happy about) but a few weeks later they said that they couldn't get the mortgage without having moorings, BW then gave them some at Fron. It was after the purchase that they informed Paul they where going to live at Fron and not at the time of purchase as stated in court.
  12. Will dig out a pic from Paul if I can. The skylark has sat on visitor moorings at the Trooper Inn in Chester for a year without being moved on by BW until a section 8 notice was issued, Two months ago it was moved to the visitor moorings opposite the Barbridge Inn where it has been abandoned again if anyone wants to see it in passing (lime green and red with canopy and cratch), lets see how long it stays there! Grannybuttons.com has just published the court documents if in PDF form if anyone wants to read them.
  13. Now that was risking life and limb, he he . Well done! It may not be protected, could just be the lock keeper covering for BW's lack of funds to repair!
  14. You are quite right, they are regularly rebuilding locks and bridges all the time that are listed buildings but as I said in my post English Heritage have refused. I didn't know hurleston was protected until the lock keeper told me. Wether she is right or wrong I dont know. The other lock I mentioned is Beeston Iron lock, this is protected and because english heritage have refused the repair to the steel plating in the lock wall, boats cannot travel through together bacause of the warp in the lock. BW put it in the winter stoppage list three or four years ago while awaiting the result of an application to English heritage. The application was refused and the repair cancelled. So yes, listed structures are repaired all the time but not when a refusal is given. Thanks Paul
  15. Thanks all for making me welcome. This boat was not ordered by the customers, it was already completed when they purchased it. It was launched in April 2006 and put up for sale. They saw it and purchased it in July 2006. it was not ordered to any size, it was purchased as a narrowboat. Thanks, Paul
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