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  1. Does anyone in the area know the length of Broad Cut Top lock? Tried all the usual resources but a bit ambiguous . I know beyond is limited to 57 foot but Looking to take a 60 foot widebeam up to Horbury Bridge. (With a view to eventually turning it round in the offline moorings entrance there? Thankyou
  2. Thank you for your replies, especially the humorous ones ... Pumpout with spare porta potti I think is the way to go ?
  3. Moving onto a 3rd sailaway fitout and have the usual 'cassette v pumpout' decision ? We moor in a marina with a pumpout facillity ( but we get iced in occasionally) and usually go out and about for a couple of month with very few pumpout places available. Was looking at having both a pumpout AND cassette toilet. It dawned on me I have room to do this is by putting two toilets in the SAME BATHROOM ! Has anyone ever done this or seen it done ?? Cheers
  4. Thank you for your quick replies Yes Tony I see your your point of the danger of running the alternator into an open circuit should the fuse fail. Yes Loddon the isolation switch dillema I think still remains, Am I right in thinking BSS requires the alternator charging cable to connect to the cabin side of the isolation switch ? So if the cabin battery switch is OFF and the engine is started , there is a possibility the alternator can put its full charging volts down the 12 volt cabin supply !!
  5. Hi, one for the electrical guys. Is there a requirement/need for a FUSE between cabin battery bank and the alternator ? Some boats seem to have one and others dont Thank you
  6. Thank you again for your replies ..... very helpful info re hull bonding ?
  7. Thankyou for your quick reply ..... and to the point !! ?
  8. Hi, currently installing the leisure battery wiring on a widebeam sailaway . The Starter battery is of course already fully installed with the negative cable returning to the Engine block (canaline 52) The leisure and starter battery negatives always seem to be shown linked together. The Starter battery is on the port swim and the leisure battery bank is on the starboard swim, quite a distance apart. Can the leisure battery negative cable be run to the engine block bolt (as is the starter battery) or does it have to run all the way round to the starter battery negative terminal? Connecting to the engine block would be a much shorter / tidier run and seems logical as it is only the charging current return ? I know it is also recommended to take a strap to the Hull from this point when 240v ac is installed. (along with a connection to mains earth) Thank you in advance.
  9. Thanks again for the comments. Re Reedley Marina it quotes £20 night on website for widebeams (we are 9 ' 6") but have quoted me £30 a night ? So .... no thanks. We have decided on foulridge moorings just before the tunnel but does anyone know how long you can stay there?? Cheers
  10. Thank you for your replies. Reedly marina want to charge £30 a night ! (plus electric) ?
  11. Hi, currently doing the Leeds Liverpool (from Leeds) Can anyone suggest a safe place to moor from the bottom of Barrowford Locks to Burnley. We need to leave the boat for a bit / pick up visitors when in this area. Or anywhere to avoid! Thank you for any input.
  12. The BOATHOUSE at Goole seem to do a good job. I blacked my own in their dry dock but saw them do three boats quite thoroughly. Nice lads as well.
  13. Thanks again for your replys . Never even considered air draught, only about 6 foot but having looked Mercia marina will do. Cheers
  14. Thank you for the quick replies, excellent info.
  15. Hi, tried the usual sources but cannot find out how far you can take a 10' widebeam (east to west) along the Trent & Mersey canal . I would imagine you can get to mercia marina as they sell widebeams . Which is the first 'narrow' lock? Thankyou Steve
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