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  1. A half-crown rudder would probably work even better....
  2. Brilliant. We've lured you back!! Have a greenie...
  3. MtB


    Mmmm, gravy! This is one massive bugbear of mine. When having Sunday lunch in a pub they NEVER give you enough gravy! 1 litre each would be about right IMHO.
  4. Heaven forfend that in refusing to respond to your demands for time-consuming statements, replies to your emails and what-have-you, this might be their preferred and planned outcome...
  5. MtB


    One litre jugs, I reckon. (Someone had to say it!)
  6. Must be tricky carrying a full cassette down that ladder! Or perhaps they just......
  7. MtB


    But folk wot don't live on boats also do shopping, do they not? If so, the thread content is not related specifically to "Living on Boats", which was my point really.
  8. Seems probable given the green and verdant nature of the surrounding land. Also that ladder!
  9. Have a guess....! :)
  10. The widebeam on the 48 hour moorings here hasn't moved since November last year, so £50 of diesel is working out just fine for them.
  11. Is this the Johnson pump you are suggesting? https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/johnson-compact-water-circulating-pump-12v-15lpm-16mm-10-24501-03#
  12. MtB


    Not sure what Lidl having lemons in stock has to do with living afloat, either!
  13. Spoken like a true retired or jobless boater! There is no way I could hold down my job without a vehicle.
  14. In addition, the actual motive force produced by a little 15mm 12Vdc will be hundreds if not thousands of times bigger than the motive force of natural convection. No matter how clunky it might look.
  15. This is a good point. When internal combustion engines came along the most natrual thing to do would have been to experiment with ways to fit them into horse boats. Not design and build a whole new motor boat from the keelson up! So the first motorised 'butties' where probably horse boats right back when engines were first invented...
  16. However, noticing the thread title I see the OP wants 12Vdc.... There might be the odd circulator about with 3/4"BSP threads.
  17. Yes this will look clumsy and inappropriate but does it work?! 'Not liking the idea' of it is not a good reason to change it in my personal opinion (and opinion is all it is). More practically, I don't think I've even seen a 12Vdc pump with connections larger than 1/2"BSP. Pumping fluids takes ENERGY and replacing a low energy pump that works with a bigger one that also works sounds a daft idea to me. We here seem to be assuming you want a 12Vdc pump though. If you actually want a 230Vac pump then pretty much any central heating circulating pump will do. You can fit them with 22mm or 28mm isolator valves but beware, they typically draw about 50W all the time they are running.
  18. Someone with a short-and-thin boat might!
  19. My guess would be it took off in the mid 70s when butties/horse boats were two a penny and no-one knew what to do with them. First was probably in the 60s.
  20. Use a tape measure? It looks to me like about 1200mm x 600mm, which would be about 120W. Pretty sure my 100W panels are about 1000mmx 600mm (without measuring them!)
  21. It looks on careful inspection to be made of wood rather than steel, and that mounting bracket looks dead flimsy so the whole thing must have little strength. My money is on it being one of a pair, or three even, with the other(s) fitting into similar bracket(s) for bunting up to decorate the boat for rallies, events etc.
  22. That's unfortunate. It's a bit like a pub here. Conversation wanders off topic easily, and just as easily returns. IanD and I were just messing about with one such diversion, about how the Sharrow prop is another novel method of propulsion and the photo shows it appears to share some of the features of a Mobius Strip. Your contributions here are greatly appreciated.
  23. I was only thinking earlier that it hasn't rained today so far, so stand by for low wter level warnings and a hosepipe ban. In fact did the hosepipe ban from last year ever get lifted?
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