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  1. Might be the wrong picture, as nowhere does the thing bear the title "Orion XS", afaics. This looks more like it...
  2. Which Victron B2B, exactly? Maybe I'll get one to play with. If I can see any advantage over my nine quid length of wire!
  3. And back here in the real world, the above is not available to the average muppet boater like me with other stuff to do with their lives. The options for us are: 1) A cheap-as-chips hybrid drop-in regulated by a long bit of wire (tolerating the tiny risk of the internal BMS failing) 2) £6k+ dropped into the coffers of Ed Shiers or similar 3) Stick with the LA bank and keep on wearing down the patience of the neighbours with excessive engine running in winter
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Nope. Not a word about it came with either my Renogy Drop-In or my LifeBatteries Drop-In. Either the customers buying these things are better informed than we here think, or the manus have some rock-solid defences against people complaining their alternators have cooked or lost all their magic smoke.
  7. I wonder how many off grid caravans there are out there, forming the main market for 'drop-in' LFPs. My finger in the air guess is about a million. Against perhaps 30,000 liveaboard and holiday boats big enough to be charging an LFP from an engine alternator. Total guess.
  8. MtB


    Realised they couldn't see where they were going, perhaps!!
  9. What are the legal dimensions here? Who owns the land and the fence at the top, some of which which presumably disappeared down into the cutting? I don't suppose they are best pleased. Do they have any claim against CRT for loss of their land each time they lose a bit? Or is it an 'act of God'? Or something else? Just curious really as I've heard a few times that a founding principle in law is if a land owner excavates his land (in his garden for example), he is responsible for providing support to a neighbour's higher land that might be undermined by his digging activities. I'm wondering if the same applies to landslips.
  10. And yet, hundreds of thousands have been sold and most are working just fine. They must be or the returns would have bankrupted Fogstar , Life Batteries et al.
  11. Yeah c'mon, you made that up didn't you!!!
  12. Nope. "Drop-in" means a bunch of cells in a neat box with a Bluetooth BMS and an app, all looking a bit like a straight replacement for the LA battery. As opposed to a stack of Winston cells, a BMS screwed to the wall and a bird's nest of wires connecting it all up, which was my first way of doing it.
  13. Only half the story. "Drop-in" batteries are generally accepted to include an internal BMS.
  14. There are four problems the 'drop-in' LFP user needs to understand, two of which s/he must do something about. 1) The charging alternator can be wrecked when the drop-in decides its fully charged and disconnects. Fix = keep one LA batt in parallel with the LFP. 2) The charging alternator can be wrecked from overheating as the LFP will drag full output from the alternator for long periods, and the alternator is probably only rated for intermittent full load. Fix = add in a length of thin-ish wire to the charging circuit and adjust its length to limit the charge current to whatever the user can devine is appropriate for continuous loading. 3) The LA battery can have a cell fail, leading to it getting really hot as the LFP will discharge through it. Fix = there is no fix other than to be aware of this problem. Bit of a red herring though as it can happen just as easily on a 100% LA bank. 4) If the internal BMS in the drop-in LFP fails, the cells will be damaged from over or under charging. Another red herring as the LFP will have come with a guarantee. Hopefully. Fix = understand the risk and if you don't like it, install a second, external BMS set to wider parameters than the internal. My own view is until someone designs a BMS to go inside a 'drop-in' that addresses 1) and 2)*, calling them drop-ins is misleading and will eventually attract the interest of Trading Standards. Or should anyway. * Such a BMS will have a 'soft disconnect' feature to ramp down the alternator current slowly, and some sort of method of setting/adjusting/limiting the charging current.
  15. One of those £3,500 Travel Powers you mean?
  16. Start watching the video at about 9 minutes in to skip the waffle and see the actual landslip.
  17. Your faith in them is touchingly quaint! Like us gas bods, BSS bods pay about £5k for a couple of weeks coaching in how to compare whatever they are looking at with a set of rules. We/they are not trained in fundamental engineering principles etc; that takes years and a degree. Others have an innate interest and understanding. Fred Dibnah as an example. What do you mean by 'safe' anyway? It is a matter of degree. Nothing is truly 'safe'.
  18. I think a boat is a fundamentally 'unsafe' thing to spend a lot of time in. "Safe" and "Unsafe" are not absolutes. They are (mostly) a matter of opinion.
  19. Just don't go there! You know what will happen. An intermittent lithium bank can be hard to find.
  20. I agree with you both, I think hybrid systems will end up being banned. It's what bureaucrats do. Mission creep is their raîson d'être, innit. And all without a single fatality caused by hybrid systems. So they'll know they did the right thing. Gas cookers will be next. Plenty of deaths have been caused by those.
  21. So is it really the rôle of BSS to prevent people from installing systems which wear out and need periodic maintenance? To protect people from finan cial loss and/or their own stupidity? I hold that the risk of a future cell failure in the LA battery is not a good enough reason to ban hybrid LFP/LA systems, if people want to install them in their boats.
  22. Thanks. That's actually what I thought but didn't want to have people say I was overstating the case. So spend £6,000 to get it exactly right or £350 to get it pretty close. Hmmm.... now which option will the average tightwad boater think looks better value?
  23. All true, but when the outlay is £350 not £3,500, nobody is going to care that much.
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