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  1. Thanks. And good! Looking at your diagram it is hard to image any way your symptoms could happen other than if the alternator is also bunging out the same voltage (or half a volt higher perhaps given your diode splitter). Have you measured the alternator voltage on the + terminal? (There must actually be more connections to it not shown on the diagram, I think...)
  2. How are you measuring this please? Hopefully a digital multimeter with probes on the battery terminals. Any other way and you are probably making assumptions about the true battery voltage!
  3. "Vacuum insulation, who will be the first ?" I don't think anyone particularly cares who will be first. Far more important are the technical questions ignored in your link. Questions like Tony's, i.e. how fast will the performance degradation be as the air leaks in? And what happens when an idiot drills a hole in it to hang a mirror? These panels seem to be a bit of a hobby horse with you. Could you declare your interest please? Rate this topic
  4. This is true, but with a BIG DIFFERENCE. The finance executives are not actively offering you "investment advice", they are getting on with growing their company in such a way that the share price (hopefully) climbs, and/or they can pay shareholders a healthy annual dividend.
  5. About the same I'd say. But for really good, sharp advice on investing do your own research and decide for yourself, rather than relying on 'advice' from banks, solicitors, accountants, IFAs or any other type of professional with a conflict of interest.
  6. Same here. And I bet it your mortgage application as by no means certain be accepted due to lack of funds available to lend. Chuffs me off to hear people whining nowadays about how hard it is to get on the "property ladder". It isn't difficult at all, it's dead easy compared to back in the 1970s.
  7. And I doubt any of them will run on 12Vdc.
  8. And I'd add another thing which comes as a surprise to most new boaters: 3) Batteries are consumable items which fail early if not kept fully charged, all the time.
  9. I disagree. I predict that CRT as an employer would prefer to keep publishing 'Boater's Updates" with trivial errors than risk losing the employee by reducing their salary as a punishment for confusing London canal photos with Birmingham canal photos. In my opinion (and more likely given current HR fashion), the employee concerned deserves to be subjected to "further training". THEN see it they do it again!
  10. MtB

    Calorifier pump?

    I thought you would have, but as someone new to the canals I was just thinking you probably didn't know there are actual rules saying you must not do it, hence my heads up. There are plenty on the canals with no moral compass too, for whom there are the rules which they ignore. You will slowly begin to notice them about!
  11. This is IT, I reckon. CRT have to draw staff from the population as a whole, so there is no reason to expect any given CRT employee to have any greater or deeper knowledge of the canal system an any other random person needing a job. New recruits probably get sent on a short training course for a day or two explaining the basics i.e. canals were dig manually and are not rivers, why they have locks, and how they are used by boats, runners, walkers and cyclists whose needs must be balanced, and how canals are funded mostly by the guvvermint hence short of money. Expecting anyone earning £30k working for CRT writing publicity material to know the difference between Rammey Marsh and Romney marsh (or even care particularly) is a bit unrealistic in my opinion. They probably thought they were correcting a spelling error.
  12. MtB

    Calorifier pump?

    I have to say, I was concerned by your comment earlier about pumping out the engine bilge and hoping that wasn't into the canal. It is not considered acceptable to pump engine bilge water into the canal as it might be oil or antifreeze-contaminated. Engine bilge pumps are a BSS fail. Just so you know.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. You're joking, not another one??!! (Channelling Brenda from Bristol.)
  15. I very much doubt either is listed on the LSE, so no. Unless you like the currency risk and foreign tax liability on any profit...
  16. Lol, I too thought Alan's accountant had probably never rented to students!! Not that accountants tend to have much expertise in choosing shrewd investments.
  17. Even worse then. No competent or streetwise landlord would buy a property occupied by a tenant chosen by someone else.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. And I think it was about then the Range Rover was launched. Have you SEEN the price those original MkI versions sell for these days??!!! They make houses in the north look cheap!!
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. Yep, Cortinas and Minis made from the stuff in Dagenham and Longbridge. British engineering at its best...
  22. Yes I thought that too. Tugs (proper ones like this) never seem to make much money when sold. I was thinking £15k would be more like it, to get it sold in a flash.
  23. MtB

    Boat Moving

    Me too. If they can't be bothered to respond to you before you engage them and give them money (and your boat), I would suggest they are even less likely to afterwards.
  24. Particularly unlikely in my opinion. Or put it this way, I would never buy it at any price with a view to offering to market for rent. The chances of finding a reliable and financially stable tenant for such a property are approaching zero in my estimation.
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