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  1. I wonder if that is because the OP demanded the thread be deleted, and on FB such demands are considered reasonable and generally granted.
  2. I think it was Michigan. Michigan Marine Propulsion https://mmp-i.com/
  3. And I'm sure two out of three of all your future posts will be to say the same. I think we've all got the message you despise the regular posters here, but there's no need to keep telling us twice a day.
  4. The response from the HNBC will very interesting indeed....!
  5. Its a moot point but I think its best to fit it with the Schrader valve at the top. If only because its far easier to take a pressure reading and connect an air pump to a valve on the top, than a valve underneath.
  6. The size depends on the size and the number of gas bottles in the locker. The BSS site gives you full details.
  7. I dunno why you are still here given you feel that way about all the help you get offered but scorn.
  8. Electric fridges contain refrigerant gas, as any fule kno.
  9. Really?! I think the pedants had it wrong.
  10. I was thinking similarly. This chain they all moor onto for free - it presumably grew out of nothing organically, and never needs any maintenance? Mind you if the NT are now going to charge for using it, I doubt the £60 a year is going to even cover the admin costs of running the scheme. How many boats are involved?
  11. My Dad had one of them. Sidevalve but I don't recall the engine having thermosyphon cooling. But equally I don't remember it having a heater ether! But my main memory of it was the three speed gearbox with reverse where first gear was on my 4 door(!) Austin A35. That sure led to the occasional exciting moment at busy junctions when I borrowed his car!
  12. I was referring to you claiming to hear something silent! 🤣
  13. What would you suggest the OP installs then, keeping it simple, and given his view appears to be that Victron stuff is expensive and over-complicated? I'm particularly interested as the closest I could suggest would be a hybrid system, similar to that in my own boat.
  14. These two snippets are incompatible, I suggest.
  15. 37 minutes!!!!!! I'm watching it at double speed and not seen anything useful yet.... But hark, at 2 mins 40 sec I hear "Lets get to it!" and he does! Back to watching now....
  16. Not necessarily. People have died from the CO coming off a cooker grill. Admittedly they closed the grill door while cooking in contravention of the Instructions For Use, but the CO involved cannot have been trivial.
  17. Mods might elect not to delete the thread in question as it contains a lot of good info about propeller suppliers, and might well be of interest and help for future visitors wanting a propeller.
  18. That is the whole point. Fatties are not supposed to be 'out cruising'. The dispensation for fatties to use that stretch of narrow canal was originally given for transit of boats to remain permanently in the marina. Not for them to be going out cruising. AIUI.
  19. I think it makes a LOT of difference, as your domestic supply only drops below 12.0/24.0 volts when the LFPs are totally empty, so an automotive one would prolly work fine!
  20. Rather than issuing unhelpful three-day-long 'Notices' warning of fatty movements on the stretch (as a result of the flawed decision to permit a wide marina entrance on a narrow canal), might it be a better idea to constrain the fatty movements to a specific time, not impose on the legitimate narrow traffic for such long periods? For example, fat boat transits to and from the marina may take place only on the first Monday morning of each month?
  21. If the OP's tank 'bongs', this is probably both the cause of the original crack and a probable cause of future failure of any repair. Definitely fix the bong, if there is one.
  22. Yes there is, up at Easenhall Cutting. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/120851-land-slip-easenhall-cutting-brinklow-oxford-canal/
  23. Even with LFP batteries? Do you know what the actual cut-off voltage is, on the truck versions please?
  24. And another. The cooker. Anything involving flame chilling, e.g. flames playing on metal surfaces such as gas rings heating kettles, or grills, chucks out CO. So don't be surprised if the CO monitor shows a result when you're cooking.
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