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  1. Several local builders around here have gone to the wall...
  2. And similar sense of humour, I'd say!!
  3. I think there is driving to visit your boat to carry out essential maintenance would 'count' as an essential journey. Certainly more essential than driving to North Cornwall to go surfing.
  4. I don't think you have much of a handle on how this virus spreads. But seriously, I know you are plagued by scroats locally. On a national scale though the problem is almost the opposite, according to a geezer on the R4 at the weekend. Apparently they based getting R0 down below 1 on 80% public compliance with the lockdown. The actual compliance has been 97% and the govt are now concerned that when they start lifting the lockdown, peeps are so terrified of going out that they are all gonna refuse to come out and are continue staying indoors.
  5. Dr John Campbell has turned up a little bit more info on asymptomatic spreaders of C19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZhBy64bimc Nice to see the importance of testing is sinking in and being talked about more widely these days. He goes on the discuss the Vo study towards the end. Also nice to find someone with an English accent doing videos on coronavirus!
  6. My money is on there being nothing wrong with your alternator, as I suggested in Post 100! Make sure the battery isn't 101% charged before you try tonight after dark, or at least bung some hefty load on it, like running the water pump and shower drain pump while you check to see what alternator output current you get.
  7. Given his reckless attitude to C19 one wonders if he is social distancing sufficiently. Or perhaps he is smarter than he behaves and watched and learned from Boris's behaviour on that front.
  8. And some people are saying China is making the figures up!!!!
  9. I heard that all the cars were to drive on the right for an experimental period of one month. If it worked out ok, then all the lorries and buses would swap over too.
  10. Ok, here's another to figure out. Took me while! Some may have heard this on Radio 2 yesterday morning.... Johnny has some chickens and therefore has eggs for sale. On his way to market he meets Emma who asks to buy half his eggs plus half an egg. They do the deal and Johnny continues on his journey. He then meets Debbie who asks to buy half his eggs plus half an egg. The deal is done. Next Johnny meets Chris who asks to buy half his eggs plus half an egg. Once again Johnny pockets the cash. Further down the road he bumps into Ben who also buys half of his eggs plus half an egg. Finally he meets Anne who asks to buy half his eggs plus half an egg. The sale takes place and Johhny has no eggs left. How many eggs did he start with and how did he do all the deals without breaking any eggs?
  11. Actually Click & Collect is never available either at any of the Tescos I regularly check, so mebbe Churchy is right and it's a staff problem. The correct form is "working smarterLY" I reckon...
  12. My English teacher would be spinning in her grave to read that!!
  13. Curious, now I see it the opposite way. It only emerged about ten days ago that the govt stats only only included hospital deaths as a result of journalists badgering Matt Hancock on it with persistent questions. This was not widely understood by the great British public who naturally thought it was all deaths. Lying by omission I guess, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Most other countries reporting to worldometer give the total deaths, as I understand it. Have you seen this, doing the rounds on twitter apparently? Explains why care home peeps don't get admitted to hospital. Laeter posts say it is something cooked by doctors amongst themselves to help them decide who gets support, rather official NHS Guidance.
  14. But Snibs has positively identified it as self exciting. Have you tested the alternator in the dark? That 13.9v from your solar will be fooling your 14.0V regulator into turning the alternator OFF.
  15. Lol forgot about that! I blame the hat....
  16. Yes. I have to say, I was expecting more from Sir Keir Starmer. He's been in post for ten days now and not a PEEP out of him on any of this, the biggest issue of the century.
  17. I don't know what you're twattering on about. I don't have a sig.
  18. Indeed, and it is SO damaging. The one thing we need is honesty in our government, and we are not getting it. I can see no political advantage whatsoever in lying to the population over this, just endless damage to the credibility of everything they tell us about the situation. The chinese govt lied to their population in the early stages and we condemn them for that, but our own is lying to us too. Death rates, PPE deliveries, testing kits, and now ventilators too (R4 this morning was saying not a single ventilator supplied by Dyson et al has been accepted for use due to red tape). They are lying to us at every turn. It is turning out that NOTHING they say about C-19 can be taken at face value and trusted.
  19. Well there are at least two who think they are not human, so they rather bust that hypothesis don'tcha think? I've lost my hat by the way. Can you tell?
  20. More seriously have you seen this in the Guardian? A broader discussion of how the govt are likely to follow the methods used in Hong Kong and Singapore to get control of the virus, and how it leads to loss of liberty. Here's a snippet: "Governments know they can pick only two of the following three options: limit deaths, revive the economy by lifting lockdowns, or defend basic freedoms. You only have to look around the world to see they have decided that basic freedoms have to go. They are using surveillance technology to confine carriers of the virus and their contacts to the modern equivalents of the medieval leper colonies or Victorian tuberculosis sanatoriums. Hong Kong enforces home imprisonment, monitored with digital tracking. Singapore is encouraging citizens to download an app that allows the authorities to learn of their contacts, while Taiwan is using mobile phone data to put an “electronic fence” around infected homes." Its coming here I predict, despite your smug complacency. The price we will have to pay for getting this disease under control. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/28/we-must-take-drastic-action-but-lets-not-turn-into-a-nation-of-little-tyrants
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