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  1. I’m sure you realise i was yanking your chain with my post there, thanks for responding so brilliantly !!! 😃
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. The OP didn't ask about remote monitoring. Nick was the first to introduce that!
  4. Apologies, but I don't see what is wrong with asking people to use the search facility before starting yet another new thread about a popular subject.
  5. Pub scene looks to me like the St George and Dragon on the Thames at Wargrave.
  6. We all must draw our own conclusions based on the evidence we perceive we see.....
  7. I'm reasonably sure it would have been the Victron BM702 he was showing you. There is a Bluetooth accessory you can buy to read it from your phone.
  8. Honestly, pleeeeese us the search facility, there are THOUSANDS of highly details posts on here about using lithium batteries including many long discussions of this exact issue.
  9. I formed the opinion fairly early on he was only here to yank our chains. This thread seems to be a good example and reminds me of my earlier conclusion. It started with that long thread about running gennys after 8pm.
  10. To give you a classic oblique internet answer, stop worrying about it and get on with your life, this is a non-problem. Whatever is there under the ballast, you sure are not going to remove the interior fit-out, lift the floors, remove the ballast, remove the unidentified paper stuff, lay something else, re-lay the ballast, refit the floors and re-build the interior are you? Or at least I hope not. But when you post a photo, peeps will prolly just recognise it as tell you what it is, and all the off topic shyte will fade away.....
  11. Hider Sam has been getting very unpleasant again this last 12 hours. Is a shame he can't be civil as he has a good technical knowledge.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Tastes nicer, too. Although maybe not if the butty is a bacon one...
  14. Yes, obviously. Taking off a sound riveted iron bottom is a far worse crime than replacing a rotten wooden bottom with steel.
  15. its probably easier than coming back from the dead. But only just.
  16. I agree, my boat has never been damaged, never smashed a glass, never split the boiling water I spend all my time transferring from one container to the other. 'The problem' (if there is one) is the arrogance (if done deliberately) and sheer lack of consideration of failing to slow down. I agree having 4" of water momentarily sucked out from under my boat and a bit of back-and-forth surge is no big deal, just mildly irritating, compared to the wrecking of a fine cold and sunny peaceful winter's Sunday morning by a frame genny firing up and running opposite for hours on end. (Not that this has happened for a while now.)
  17. Have you sorted out which way your two batteries are connected together yet? Do you need assistance with the difference between series and parallel connecting? Understanding the difference is, I would say, the very first step to take in really understanding your batteries and boat electricity. Along with understanding the difference between Volts and Amps. If you're not sure just say. Plenty here will be along to explain. Sometimes its easy for the very knowledgeable here to forget to explain the basics, and assume everyone knows.
  18. You've never actually read the RCD, obviously.
  19. I don't get it either, there is nothing wrong with hirers. If you get a bad experience sharing a lock, it will always be with a owner-boater. Almost without exception hirers are having a lovely time, are keen to learn and engage with you, and enthusiastically drink in any advice or guidance you might have to offer. On reflection though, I suppose if a boat passes you too fast moored up, it is as likely to be a hire boat as a privateer...
  20. Quite. It's pointless trying to argue detailed points with idiots who CBA to read the thread. But to labour one of the points, it was implied earlier that the right to self-certify for RCD means one can just sign the declaration forms without actually ensuring the boat physically complies. This is fraud, not compliance with RCD!
  21. Its always been the case in my view. I took a hire boat from Rugby down to Reading 10 or 12 years ago and the contrast in attitude to me from other boaters from when on my own boat to on the hire boat, I found shocking. Never believed there was much difference in attitude until I actually spent a few days on a 70ft signwritten hire boat and experienced it first hand.
  22. Tycho would need a proper engine fitting. My K2 perhaps
  23. Which is precisely the reason Tycho hasn't sold. I'd love to buy Tycho but am not prepared to be the one to remove the ice ram. Removing it will prolly add £5-10k to the value of the boat, but it will destroy the history as you say.
  24. Depends on whether your two batteries are connected in parallel (to still deliver nominal 12V) or in series to deliver nominal 24V. They are probably in parallel in which case the answer to your question is no. Otherwise, yes.
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