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  1. I'm sure that yellow wire could be carefully sliced open and tapped into.... Or four young male vandals might decide to see how hard they can pull the cable at 1.00am before it comes out!
  2. Or worse, unplug and run an extension lead into a nearby house to run the tumble dryer all night...
  3. This need is almost unheard of on a boat. Could you expand a bit on the circumstances leading to this need please? There is a LOT of expertise on this forum and if we understand how this need arises, it might be possible to advise more constructively.
  4. This seems a bit of an over-reaction. I can't imagine your ribbing was anything other than gentle Rusty. Given their adverse reaction to your humour I cannot imagine any of the more frank comments that would have come their way about choosing between a 70ft widebeam and 69ft widebeam were likely to have been well received.
  5. Which was there first, the farm or your moored boat? 🤣
  6. I have one of them Screwfix £140 jobbies. Several years old now and still going strong. Excellent VFM although pretty low powered.
  7. And people are surprised when there is opposition to boats mooring opposite apartment blocks and houses. Each as bad as the other.
  8. I do hope that isn't a euphemism....
  9. Last time I rang at Cropredy was about a year back, and the six was out of action IIRC. Did I meet you then perhaps?
  10. Kintbury, Upavon, Bedwyn, Harbury, Highclere, anywhere I happen to be near on a practice night! Are you a ringer too then?
  11. Is that really the case? A quick google suggests the last time it was this high was 415,000 years ago. http://www.planetforlife.com/co2history/index.html
  12. The thing is, people build their lives around the resources available an switching to electric travel means some very fundamental changes, not easily made. Change job or move house for some people is one that is obvious, once ICE cars can no longer be used. A complete change in the way of doing business from having sales reps on the road is another. These changes will be incremental and marginal but they will accumulate. Similarly with boating. The boaters who get their fun from boating 28 hours a day will have to give up boating once diesel ceases to be available on the cut. Anyone wanting to boat will need to develop ways to do it using solar and work within its limitations. Explore and push the envelope. Whether or not you accept or agree with these changes is not really relevant as the politicians are making them anyway. They won't make any difference to the Big Problem of global warming but console yourself with the thought that "every little helps".
  13. I should perhaps have PMed you rather than posting it on here, but thank you for accepting my point. I quite understand your frustration with the dog-in-the-manger resistance of some here, but a lot of us just see some rather large difficulties to overcome, and not all of us are convinced that 'every little helps" is actually all that valuable in saving the human race unless some major strides forward are also taken with aviation, manufacturing and farming CO2 output.
  14. You are such a fun gi with comments like that.
  15. Peter, this is a very unpleasant schtick you are bringing on here. No-one has said they "don't like it", people are just commenting on how they see things. It is YOU putting words in people's mouths. I guess you are picking it up from the Brexit thread. Please leave it back there where it belongs. Many thanks....
  16. These are known as "district heating" schemes and have been around since the 60s but never taken off. Fraught with problems, one of which is reliably metering the hot water people use. So far, no-one has managed it, amazingly. So eventually the metering gets turned OFF then people keep the heating on full blast and regulate it by opening windows. Or so I understand from colleagues in the industry who have been involved with them. No personal experience, other than attending one once where the customer insisted they had no boiler but the heating didn't work. They were right! With more and more leccy being produced by free wind power and free sun, can we expect leccy costs to plummet in future? Excellent!!
  17. Two points: 1) Until they turn the gas off, the 20 million gas boilers currently in use will probably still need fixing. 2) Most of my income derives from fixing electric boilers. People hate them by-and-large as so expensive to run, but are trapped into having to have them by no gas supply in new build flats. A burgeoning market for me. Bring on the revolution!!
  18. This, exactly. I cannot justify buying an electric van until two things happen: 1) Manus' range claims can be trusted, and/or independent and trustworthy range evidence becomes available. This is only one aspect of range anxiety. 2) I can be sure of a compatible fast charge station being available within reach of my route when I start to get low. This is a sub-anxiety of headline range anxiety. Until then or until diesel becomes unavailable I will probably continue using my diesel van, because I frankly don't believe giving it up will make any difference to the Big Picture. I can imagine the day coming (possibly fairly soon) when running an electric van plays well with the boiler repair customers, which will influence me too.
  19. More likely to have been Master of Reality, seeing as we are recycling the older posts in this thread now!
  20. Bear in mind when cogitating whether 38hp is enough or 43 hp is necessary, that back in the day one horse was enough to power a 40 ton boat. And just to stir the pot a little further, one horse can deliver a peak power of 3HP, if my memory serves correctly
  21. Its these two statements I struggle to reconcile. Given the second is true, why would the first matter?
  22. In my experience, even doing the worshipping is no guarantee of good battery life. I think it has more to do with battery design and construction than received wisdom here accepts. My start batteries were purchased from Vince ten years ago and basically ignored since fitting and they have just as much life in them as my mollycoddled Trojanoids.
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