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  1. Bad stuff can happen, but mostly just financial. Consider this: 1) For simplicity, you use the same password for everything. 2) Screwfix Direct computers get hacked. No big deal eh? 3) Now the hackers know your Screwfix username and password. 4) Still no big deal eh? 5) The set their own software running to test your username and password combination on thousands of websites. 6) Bingo, they logged into your Amazon account. 7) Still no big deal eh? 8 ) Turned out they managed to log into your email too. 9) Still no big deal eh? 10) They use your email to change your delivery address at Amazon. 11) They order a LOAD of expensive stuff on your credit card delivered to a drop address. 12) YOU have to deal with the fallout, and convince everyone it was not you. Just an example, other stuff can happen. E.G. someone could log into your account on here and start posting loads of pro-brexit tosh pretending to be you. Oh..... 🤣
  2. Because we've had our say about it and moved on. Maybe you should too.
  3. Did it ever sell in the first place? It seems to have been for sale on and off for at least ten years.
  4. That's a tricky definition. Anyone failing to post in any given week immediately ceases in perpetuity to be an 'active member'.
  5. Depends how you define 'active member'. If you mean say, members posting on average at least once each day, I be the active member count is only in double figures.
  6. I don't really buy this. Ok Rich does it for free but the some of the users here pay to support the site. Are you saying the site would not suffer outages if Rich charged for his services? The thing is, out of all the forums I visit this is the only one that has a continuous dribble of outages due to 'technical issues'. Why would that be? Or more accurately, why do the others not? This seems to illustrate it can be done. No other forums seem to suffer from the same effect, or do they? Does thunderboat for example have a technical glitch every month or two like here? I don't think so but I don't know for sure, not being a subscriber.
  7. Thanks Dr Bob from me too, for similar reasons. I got my general science O level by being strong on physics and biology. Teach suggested I do Gen Science and I was all like, but I dunno NUFFERN about chemistry, wouldn't even understand the questions as had NO chemistry lessons in my whole skool career. He said just go to the physics and bio papers, skip the chemistry one you'll be fine. He was right, I still got a 'C' skipping the chem exam completely! Always bin interested in chemistry, but never quite been able to teach myself.
  8. I agree. Its a first class case of 'fiddling while Rome burns'. If the CO2 is not addressed, all the particulate matter from coal stoves in the world won't matter a jot.
  9. In which case you are more than qualified and experienced enough to bung up at least a first draft. Gwarn, don't be so coy!!
  10. No it doesn't. Any right minded boater doesn't discharge their sht into the canal, legal niceties or not.
  11. Never a more appropriate username!
  12. Well 'zactly, which is why the OP intuitively swerved putting up his own list.
  13. This was always my fave verse.... One lunch time Ted saw Ernie's horse and cart outside her door It drove him mad to find it was still there at half past four And as he lept down from his van hot blood through his veins did course And he went across to Ernie's cart and didn't half kick his 'orse
  14. Well that suggestion went down like a lead zeppelin, didn’t it?!
  15. Agreed. What they mean is no smell INSIDE the boat. They all have a fan running 24/7/365 to blow it out through a vent duct to outside, so everyone else gets it instead.
  16. Because of this, I abstained on principle.
  17. A boater with three licences. Who are you?
  18. Disagree. I consciously abstained as so little info available and no effort made by ANY candidate to engage with me. I suspect a lot of boaters felt similarly unable to make an informed choice.
  19. (And usually gougingly expoensive.)
  20. Marina facilities are are usually grim. Use your own!
  21. As already landed upon, "apparent good state of charge", in what way "apparent"? I can't help but wonder why you concluded this was a good course of action. Those voltages just indicate three heavily discharged batteries and one moderately discharged. I'd have been looking at what was wrong with my charging system, before replacing them.
  22. Now there's a most interesting idea I've never seen mentioned before, and well worth investigating further. For all manner of cases where electronics get fussy about waveforms, e.g. washing machines.
  23. If by "top up" you mean "fully charge", it takes typically 12 hours to fully charge from 50% discharged, using an appropriately specified battery charger. (This also depends on exactly what you might take "fully charged" to mean ) But you are right it depends on how long the piece of string is, and what type of string too. And the colour. WotEver's battery charging primer he just linked to is well worth ploughing through if you have the time, it's not as heavy reading as it first appears. Or if you don't have the time and inclination, the money to keep replacing your batteries
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