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  1. And further still... Fit a nasty buzzy engine under the floor tightly squeezed in so no-one can get at the starter motor or anything else important without arms like knitting needles and three elbows in each.
  2. I guess it would be worth thinking more carefully about what exactly you want to monitor. In your OP you say 'condition', but here you say you want to look out for a battery 'starting to break down'. 'Condition', I think, we took to mean state of charge but maybe not, in the light of your latest post. 'Breaking down' could mean losing capacity from sulphation, or could mean a cell shorting from plate shedding material accumulating in the bottom of a cell chamber. Could you expand a bit on exactly what you are wanting to monitor? Possibly larger boats do have such monitoring but this is a site for small canal boats, typically having 4 x 110AH 12V batteries where if one (or all) starts going wrong it is generally obvious from the drop in performance of the bank. Identifying the culprit takes a bit of investigation. Designing a monitor to tell you remotely starts with accurately defining the faults to be monitored for, I would say.
  3. Can you cite some boaters here who have said it is fine, please? I doubt you can because as far as I can tell, most boaters feel this is a mistake by CRT.
  4. Yes this is it. Us 'doing our bit' and putting our own house in order helps us reclaim the moral high ground so we have the moral authority to badger and persuade other and bigger countries to do the same. This the point of cutting our CO2 emissions when we know it makes no practical difference.
  5. I don't really see how that would affect my point. Even if we were 0.00001% or 50% of the world population, cutting our CO2 output to zero would make no tangible difference to world CO2 output.
  6. That's an oxymoron if ever I read one....
  7. They tried that once and got universally criticised for making up rules with no basis in law.
  8. Yes there is as explained by Nick, but in classic internet style, I would ask why would you want to?
  9. I'm intrigued. Are you saying you can buy legitimately refilled, genuine Calor-branded gas bottles from suppliers other than Calor gas? If so, who? Or are you using the term loosely an you are writing about LPG from competitors to Calor, e.g. FlowGas etc?
  10. Welcome to the forum. To answer one of your questions I'd say a 39ft Springer in tip top condition with an A1 survey is worth about £20k. Work downwards from there if there is stuff wrong with it.
  11. Being more serious, the whole of the uk CO2 output from aviation, manufacturing, home heating, transport and the lot, only adds up to 2% of world CO2 output. Just to add some perspective.
  12. What on earth are you on about? Have you not noticed the pilot standing at the front of the aeroplane before you take off, winding up the propeller with his finger, putting some tension into the big elastic band??
  13. No-one is getting upperty about the reserved moorings. Except those who have misunderstood or not read the thread properly...
  14. And also an outright lie, assuming it is to raise a deposit on a mortgage to buy another house. The point is to obfuscate on the form without actually lying.
  15. Putting it bluntly, it is suspected that some (but not all) longer term 'composting bog' users end up getting impatient and pour the wee straight into the cut and put the poo in the rubbish skips after 'not long enough'.
  16. Would you care to comment on whether Etruria selling at £26.15 must therefore be selling at a loss (assuming legit Calor refills)?
  17. I'm not sure you or Alan are grasping the fact that CHERTSEY was moored there on the 48hr VMs last weekend on Sat 15th June when we passed. Not dumped, but occupied as we waved at each other as we passed. Now it is quite possible that they cruised off in the interim and moored somewhere else for the week then returned to the same spot. I have no idea.
  18. I have to say, the boat doesn't look too wide to fit through there although it was hard to judge from the towpath. The 'fender growth' almost completely conceals the boat from the towpath so just can't see it properly. I'm inclined to think the reason for the coping stone removal is the air draft of the boat meaning it needs to come through hard against the left bank to miss the low side of the bridge deck. As previously suggested by Davidg.
  19. The vandalised coping stones. Zoom into see.
  20. The £27.80 bloke is probably refilling the bottles himself at a petrol station.
  21. It comes from inside your head. Or can you cite a post by someone else saying this?
  22. And Tomorrow's World! We never heard a PEEP out of Raymond Baxter about his personal life.... missed a trick there didn't he!!
  23. Ah yes. An ex-GF of mine had a magic poo tank that never needed emptying. The automatic bilge pump used to operate strangely frequently though. The one day the bog pan went all wobbly and it was assumed the fixing bolts had rusted through but no, on inspection she found the top of the poo tank was thinner and holier than lace. This why I like a cassette....
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