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  1. Did you hear about the Nigerian prince who dies and left £40m to Battersea Dogs' Home? He tried to give it away first, but nobody would answer his emails...
  2. Same equation applies to boats, in my personal experience.
  3. Would it be possible to lift the 25m barge into the hold of a larger barge with the TRIWV certificate, to pass out through the sea lock? Then unload it in the UK?
  4. I do have an opinion actually, but my opinion is not what gets your boat passed or failed, so it is on no value.
  5. Boat + skint is never a good combination....
  6. No-one here knows what your BSS bod's opinion is gonna be. Stuff like this boils down to opinion. Unless Alan De E can come up with a defined min distance from a batt to an exhaust!
  7. This certainly implies air in the fuel. Do you get air out when you 'repeat the bleed'?
  8. How about asking your BSS bod for specific advice on what to do? That way you spike his guns regarding risking him failing your work.
  9. Are there any winter stoppages around Loughborough, likely to stop peeps getting there by boat?
  10. I thought £160 for my Dahon Jack was expensive!
  11. Dunnit. Gravel bikes seem to range between £1300 and £3600. Far canal!!
  12. Has anyone here actually used a Brompton regularly on a muddy towpath? They are excellent for tarmac surfaces but I'd have thought they were quite difficult to stay upright in mud.
  13. Folding bikes with small diameter, thin-tyred wheels are supremely unsuitable for muddy towpaths in my experience. I use a Dahon Jack folding mountain bike and can thoroughly recommend it. If you didn't realise it was a folder, by riding it you would never know. Like this, but I've added mudguards to mine.
  14. My point being if you have to add your own LA batt, it isn't a complete BMS.
  15. except for the need to add a LA batt, and do it right!
  16. Oh my gawd, stand by for 30 pages of debate about whether this is good or bad for fish....
  17. Which will trigger an avalanche of sales and a drying-up of the supply of rental property, the consequence of which will be rocketing rents as demand outstrips supply, and a burgeoning housing benefit budget to match. Next, will come rent controls. Which will trigger another avalanche of sales and a further drying-up of the supply of rental property.... etc etc Was it Wilson who tried this last time around? I was too young to remember! Oops forgot my point. Might be a good idea to hang on to your rentals rather than sell, as rental income is what its about. I doubt the right to buy thing will ever come to pass.
  18. "We're a 20 tonne boat, approaching at 2mph, we can't stop like you...." I think you can if you engage astern!
  19. From the ad: It's a Lifestyle Choice Lizzy is where Luxury meets History, with all the perks of Modern Living. Her imposing exterior beauty, hints at the stunning interior within. Lizzy offers the opportunity of an impressive, yet warm, cosy and appealing home for someone looking for a truly magical way of life. Cor blimey, what a load of old toss!
  20. I get called a lot worse than simple Mike....
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