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  1. I recommend Swiss Farm at Henley on Thames, (One field away from the river) tents & vans, lovely town, loads of good pubs. Also, the recently reopened Dobbs Weir campsite on the Lee. Only problem here is that it's only nearby pub, the Fish&Eels, currently manages to be the most expensive and worst run in the area !
  2. Some years ago, I was working as factory fireman, and during a training course with PETANS (North Sea Rigs fire training), these GAZ canisters came up for discussion. The small disposable type, which rely on being pierced by the lamp or burner assembly seem particularly dangerous, as at that time, apparently, they were suffering from corrosion, at the joint between the convex base and the top pressing. This could only just be seen, if you turned the cylinder upside down and examined this joint. What happened in several incidents; was the sudden drop in pressure, caused by the cylinder being pierced by the insertion of the top of the unit, "flexed" the bottom plate , the corroded joint started to come apart and leak, causing the unit to explode when lit, even when assembled correctly. As part of the course, we "set off" several of these corroded cylinders; quite an explosion they produced. The thing was, at the time I was quite a keen hill walker, and had several of these GAZ containers stored in my shed !w Sure enough they were all corroded, so were set off at the next session. I've not used this type of appliance since, as I believe the "spraycan" gas containers are safer to use, provided the rubber O rings fit properly and are in good condition.
  3. Thanks to all for your help and advice. Will probably take the road option; due to "black bottom" anyway, so can kill two birds there. I'll post again if I change me mind and start feeing brave. Thanks again folks.
  4. Evening all, I'm considering moving my 45' nb from present moorings at Broxbourne,to the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal, via Limehouse then Thames and Estuary. I wondered if by coming out on a high tide, just after it had turned, I could round Shoeburyness, up the coast at low tide, then enter the Chelmer & Blackwater on the next incoming tide. Of course, allowing for fair wind, weather; and with due cosideration for "elf & safety", qualified coastal skipper on board, and pilot + safety boat present as required. Does anybody have any experiance of this journey, or knows of anyone who has or could help?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. CJR good luck with your search!! I have a freind offered a job in Dublin who wishes to move his nb to a secure mooring/marina in the Dublin area. Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation!!
  7. Nice One Goldy!!! ....and a glass of wine with you sir!!!
  8. I agree my boat's 45' nb,and as she was designed by a person with a pencil not a computer,so she has'nt got the extra headroom and extra space of the more modern boats. I manage ok on my own, but two would be a squeeze as liveaboards. So -any prospective partner would have to have her own boat!! (There was a couple around here last summer, she a lovely redhead, with "his and hers" boats-seemed to work for them!!)
  9. Just signed up to 3 (31/3/08) ;take a phone contract, and you get a dongle on contract for half price. I got 7GB for £12.50 per month. Both phone and dongle on 18 month contracts
  10. Just signed up to 3 (31/3/08) ;take a phone contract, and you get a dongle on contract for half price. I got 7GB for £12.50 per month. Both phone and dongle on 18 month contracts.
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