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  1. nursegrowl


    Pics of my lovely dog :)
  2. Hello Bones!! hope you're well! nice to speak to your again xx
  3. Hi, I used to be on here a lot about a year or so ago (wonder if anybody remembers lol) but anyway, I'm back, still boatless, but back !! xx
  4. Hi, not dead cheap, but not bad...there is some gorgeous ones on here............. http://www.gourangaoo4u.co.uk/hippy-jumpers-jackets.html
  5. LOGS TO BURN Logs to burn, logs to burn, Logs to save the coal a turn Here's a word to make you wise, When you hear the woodman's cries. Never heed his usual tale, That he has good logs for sale, But read these lines and really learn, the proper kind of logs to burn. OAK logs will warm you well, If they're old and dry. LARCH logs of pine wood smell, But the sparks will fly. BEECH logs for Christmas time, YEW logs heat well. SCOTCH logs it is a crime, For anyone to sell. BIRCH logs will burn too fast, CHESTNUT scarce at all HAWTHORN logs are good to last, If you cut them in the fall HOLLY logs will burn like wax You should burn them green ELM logs like smouldering flax No flame to be seen PEAR logs and APPLE logs, they will scent your room. CHERRY logs across the dogs, Smell like flowers in bloom But ASH logs, all smooth and grey, burn them green or old; Buy up all that come your way, They're worth their weight in gold. Note that all woods burn better when seasoned and some burn better when split rather than as whole logs. In general the better woods for burning that you are most likely to come by (including non-native species) are: Apple and pear – burning slowly and steadily with little flame but good heat. The scent is also pleasing. Ash – the best burning wood providing plenty of heat (will also burn green but you should not need to do this!) Beech and hornbeam – good when well seasoned Birch – good heat and a bright flame – burns quickly. Blackthorn and hawthorn – very good – burn slowly but with good heat Cherry – also burns slowly with good heat and a pleasant scent. Cypress – burns well but fast when seasoned, and may spit Hazel – good, but hazel has so many other uses hopefully you won’t have to burn it! Holly – good when well seasoned Horse Chestnut – good flame and heating power but spits a lot. Larch – fairly good for heat but crackles and spits Maple – good. Oak – very old dry seasoned oak is excellent, burning slowly with a good heat Pine – burns well with a bright flame but crackles and spits Poplar – avoid all poplar wood – it burns very slowly with little heat – which is why poplar is used to make matchsticks. Willow – very good – in fact there is growing interest in biomass production of coppiced willow as a fuel.
  6. I've been offered a 60 ft new Shell for 10 grand, has nothing but doorsand windows...so no ballast/insullation/battons/engine etc............. I'm really upset, as its too much work too do. My bloke is a joiner, and has many very good welder mates...but I'm still worried as we have little experience in working on boats................*CRY* Do other people agree its too much to do?? Just need other opinions please............
  7. I used to work in Chester Lush years ago, strangely didn't put me off their products being surrounded by them for 8 hours a day...but I do wish they were more natural..................
  8. A friend of mine is looking at a Dutch Barge which is: Length 18.45m x Beam 3.37m x Draft .9m x Air Draft 2.95m it is currently in France, which is where she has experience of these. She now lives in the UK and wants to buy tis one, but where on Earthcould she keep it?? It would need to be based in either North Wales, Cheshire or by Liverpool, but she has had no luck as far as I know..............
  9. EEEK!!! I think you are all right!!1 I would love this boat, 70ft long, 8 a half ft wide, nearly new, and with a mooring.......bit of a dream really............Thanks for the reality check............I did need it xxxxxxxxxxx
  10. I've looked into boat finance, and for the price of the boat i have my eye on, I need more than what I have in cash, I have looked into some bpat finace, but the interest rates are really high, and over such a short repayment term, the loans were not affordable. Does anybody have any ideas of anything else, family cannot help, and the boat I want is £70,000, and I have about a £12,00 to £14,00 deposit. Thanks again for all your help and wisdom!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. I'm going to look at a boat (or rather my Dad is) oday, that has a fiberglass superstructue, does any body know of any possible probs with one? boat is from mid eighties, and has a normal bottom. Thanks xxxxxxxxx
  12. I have never seen a boat for sale for as little as 12grand, and if they are, I'm scared of what it would be like...............
  13. With recent bloody credit crisis thing, any offers I had on my house have all allen though, as the buyers couldn't get their mortgages!!! So, at the moment I am getting a grand total of no money for the house!!! I've got some people from an Auction coming to view it, so fingers crossed, it might sell that way. if not, and it keeps dribbling along like this, we'll have to accept a really low amount for it, and I'll only have about 10/12 grand for a boat (gonna be a cheap one!!) ARRRGGGGHHHH.........
  14. Nice little boat! Just been looking at just maggy 2 on the Whilton Marina page, nice looking boat, but is from 1917!!! and needs about 6 grands work on hull apparently..........................(Cry)
  15. Yep!!! He's a joiner!!!! Yeay!!
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