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    Learning how to fix "stuff", studying an OU course so I can eventually teach and just enjoying boatlife...

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  1. SarahB

    Cats meow

    Chutney Morris has been with us since the new year and has fallen in three times. The best "almost" splosh was him trying to jump from our boat to the next one and realising he wasn't going to make it. He ended up being "spider" cat on the cratch cover and being rescued by Jay. He also terrorises the dog and when he was smaller it wasn't unusual to find him hanging off the dog's face. Poor big dog (a 9 year old Rottie and on his first year as a boat dog) puts up with a hell of a lot from his little brother. S x
  2. We have a cat and a dog aboard and as long as you clean before viewers come round for a sale then I can't see why it would devalue a boat. It wouldn't devalue a house! Our kitten (not that he's kitten size anymore) is absolutely fine on the boat and so far (touch wood) has been fine when we've been out. The nearest to a disaster was when a german shepherd decided to chase Chutney (the cat). Only because Chutney used his big brother (a rottie) as a spring board into the cratch to alert our big dog who promptly stood up and growled at the german shepherd to warn him off his little brother! Next door has fish and no problems there. Why not do a poll here and see what the crowd think? If it goes in your favour then you could show him, if it doesn't well who's to know you ever asked
  3. SarahB


    Crap new Dan As much as I travelled I didn't do any voluntary work. VSO is something I always wanted to do but never got round to. Why not take a few months off cruising and deciding what is the best option for you? S xxx
  4. Is it likely that any local (to Nottingham) chandlerys (or any other suggestions) will stock off cuts? We're short of about a foot and don't really want to buy a whole sheet! Thanks Sarah
  5. Hi again Still in bathroom refit mode and wondered if anyone had any bright ideas on where to get a smaller than standard shower door? I'm working on 650mm being about the right size. Any ideas? Thanks Sarah
  6. I had exactly the same problem and in the end I bought a different type of 3 dongle and it works much better. I'm now online with a E220 and although it still drops out it at least gets me online. I gave up trying 3 as they were trying to convince me it was the laptop but I'd already tried an E220 with my sim and it worked fine so I knew it wasn't that! Good luck! S
  7. Thanks everyone! It's definitely going to happen at some point soon. I dislike the bathroom so much now that it's got to be an improvement!! Any suggestions for where to buy a new toilet so I can get an idea of sizes, choice and costs? I have a feeling that the hip bath will possibly be out be the weekend... Thanks again Sarah
  8. I've joined the boat cat brigade and have a 18 week old terror/cutey (depending on his mood). I'm dreading letting him out, the boat sits low and we're right by a massive expanse of fields. How did everyone else cope with letting them out for the first time and how old were they??? S x
  9. Hi Bob I don't know the answers to those questions just yet! I guess that's probably got to be the start of the investigations eh? I'm going to guess its not that big considering how often it needs to be pumped out Rom - Thanks I'll take a look at Focus. Does your shower fit into a corner or does it have to fit in the central part of the room because of height issues? I possibly have the smallest bathroom in the world so we're thinking about making it walk through to gain more floor space and storage area. Argghh I know this is going to be a job that takes far longer than we're planning! Sarah
  10. I'm seriously considering ripping out my current bathroom and replacing everything to just bring it in the right century! One of the things I'd love to do is get rid of the pump out but I wondered what sort of issues need to be considered? How easy is it to "rip" out the holding tank or if that is a nightmare what are the alternative? Has anyone been through it (not the holding tank) and have any wise words from experience? As well does anyone have any top places for buying showers, sinks, toilets etc? I'm also looking at replacing the calorifier with something but I'm not sure about the instant water solutions more because I'm not sure where it would go! Is there a sleaker, smaller calorifier available these day rather than my huge lug of a thing taking up about 1/4 of the space in the bathroom at the moment?!? Sorry lots of questions and I'm sure I'll think of more
  11. If I ever buy another boat they're coming with me!!
  12. As yes - the yukky yellow glass. I'm a tad ashamed it's taken me this long to get rid of them. I did offer the glass to Bon but for some strange reason she declined my offer
  13. Another work of art by our very own Bon and kindly fitted by Soar Scotty! I'm very, very pleased with them although the photo probably doesn't do them justice... Based on my favourite William Morris design.... Bon - I take it they'll be up on your web soon?
  14. I've just used http://www.lamps-on-line.com for my "hard to find" 24v bulbs. They're sitting at the office waiting for me so hopefully they fit!
  15. I miss a bath too. Can't think of anything other than that though.
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