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  1. I always had plans to convert a Classic to drip feed off the top tank but never got round to it yet.
  2. Agree, its all well and good, just saying the original thread left us to believe otherwise!
  3. If that is the planned times and routes it has no place using the the title 'jam 'ole run'. Autumn boat trip from Braunston to the Jam 'ole maybe more appropriate! I have nothing against them going boating but given the history of the previous re-enactments this isn't one so shouldn't be passed off with the same title surely?! Was quite pissed off when I thought about it this morning when I looked out my window and saw the boat tied up thinking there could be some decent boating to be done but now I look out and it is raining I am not so concerned lol!
  4. Bog in the engine 'ole?! Luxury! We used to dream of a bog in the engine 'ole.
  5. Then they are going for a holiday down the GU for half term as anyone is entitled too but is is not a Jam 'Ole Run then?
  6. Not quite sure I'm seeing the point then? Am still waiting at bottom of Atherstone for Tims call lol! Well, in Polesworth facing the wrong way
  7. See no issue in the slightest and would actually be rather concerned of older materials were used to replace the older materials as how would that save the structure? What I do think though is that if you compare the two pictures it is obvious that the issue was caused by the cyclists as it must have been their sign being drilled into the brickwork that caused the weakness!
  8. Completely agree. If you want to go down the heritage route from 220 years ago then surely all the bricks used at the time were new and not reclaimed! Bridges would have all been smooth and shiney, cuttings would have been scars on the landscape with no trees or growth, locks and weirs would've changed local water flows. The answer therefore is surely replace all the bricks in new to match and not try to match the old!
  9. I see no major issue with this. Why replace old materials with old materials? Surely the idea is to repair so it lasts longer. I would probably write a strongly worded letter to my local MP if they knocked the bridge down and put a flat top steel modern art type in its place but this repair is surely in keeping and will extend the life and safety of the structure. I am failing to see where your issue is?
  10. That is the same argument as not displaying Fellows, Morton & Clayton or GUCCCo on your cabinside as ownership changes. Surely displaying an historical number relevant to the boat is acceptable as is keeping its name and fleet number.
  11. My pet hate is boats stating 'Registered at Watford'!
  12. Not seen Andrew Kendall for a few years, Campion and Guilsborough I kept away from being schooled in Dav!
  13. Some day? He already does! I was regularly late for school on a Monday morning because we'd come straight from the boat at Audlum or Banbury or whereever we happened to have tied up that weekend. Eventually the teachers just nodded and said 'go and sit down'.
  14. Matter of pride to pass as close as possible? Don't be silly! It is/was purely to stay in the deep water. I suppose pride would come into it in some ways as you wouldn't want to move over too far and be seen getting stemmed up!
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