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  1. Again not a food or drink recommendation, but continuing the Isle of Mull theme. A stop on the island of Lunga (one of the Treshnish Isles) for some "puffin therapy" is not to be missed! Also Staffa for Fingal's Cave.
  2. If you're a Robin Hood fan, Little John's grave is at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Hathersage. http://www.peakdistrictinformation.com/visits/hatherch.php. Also the "plague village" of Eyam: http://www.eyamplaguevillage.co.uk/
  3. We've been on the Scottish West coast in the Summer for our sins. The locals up there seem to use this; http://www.amazon.co.uk/Smidge-That-Midge-Insect-Repellent/dp/B00413715E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395005192&sr=8-1&keywords=smidge+that+midge. If the locals use it, I'm guessing it must be good!
  4. Not been boating for a while (time, money & crew constraints), but we saw loads of kingfishers on the Leeds & Liverpool either side of Skipton. The water on that canal is so clear you can easily see the bottom, so presumably makes it easier for the kingfishers to see the fish.
  5. Skipton - means sheep town!
  6. That's why the question mark. I didn't think it was right, but couldn't remember the correct term!
  7. First of all good luck with your new venture. We hired Hazel in April 2005. We found the staff at the base friendly and helpful, but when we went through the handover of the boat we found it wasn't ready. I found that some of the lights weren't working, (in washrooms, etc) so switched them all on to make sure. Several more were found to need replacing. This delayed our departure even more. Not good first impressions. The boat had been fitted with a diesel cooker and heating system. To start this up we first had to start the engine. While the system was running it made an annoyingly loud click every second or so. This meant it couldn't be left on low overnight and still be able to sleep. The cooker was also awkward to use. We also found that there was a 1/2" gap above the front doors, which made the front cabin a bit chilly, especially as we had a little snow towards the end of the week. On the second or third day we had to call an engineer out to sort out a leak in a pipe above the hot water tank. This had obviously been there for a considerable time as the floor below was absolutely rotten. Again towards the end of the week we were heading back to the base when the engine kept on cutting out. We did manage to restart it, but it was a bit disconcerting. The "comments" sheet at the end of the holiday was the longest we'd ever filled in. We did see Hazel the following year when we were on a different company's boat, still chucking out loads of black smoke from the engine. But when we passed Middlewich's boatyard the year after, we did notice that Hazel was being gutted for what seemed to be a complete refit. I hope they got rid of that annoying diesel heating system! As others have said, we don't necessarily look for luxury in a boat, but comfort, practicality, reliability and now masticating? toilets are what we look for.
  8. We too were in Stratford in April. Had a very nice meal, with excellent beer, in the Pen and Parchment. So good that one of our crew (card carrying member of CamRA) was recommending it to every other boat we saw the following day!
  9. Thanks for all of the replies. I have considered mooring on the river, but I'm not sure the hire company (Napton Boats) would allow it. Also we've not been on a river before in a narrowboat, (done Cheshire, 4 counties, Warwickshire rings, etc)! Phil, the boat's called Hannah. The provisional plan is Long Itchington Saturday, Rowington (Tom O' the Wood) Sunday, then see where we get to by 5-6 p.m. Monday. If we reach Wilmcote early enough ( about 3 ish) press on into Stratford. We should then be able to take our time coming back to Napton, planning on getting there Friday evening. We do have a fairly experienced crew so longish days, and lots of locks are not a problem.
  10. Hello all. We're hoping to get to Bancraft Basin from Napton, arriving probably late afternoon on Easter Monday, (5th April). I've seen the various threads about berths in the basin filling up fairly quickly and was wondering if this is a feasable idea. I've also seen the posts about Japanese tourists climbing on boats , is there anything else we should be wary about? Finally, can anyone recommend a decent pub in Stratford for bar food, etc. thanks, Modge.
  11. MJG, We too have booked an Edwardian Elite for April, called Hannah. Picking it up on 3rd April. See you there?
  12. Or www.waterwaysholidays.com might be a good place to look.
  13. The Water Womble has probably been about recently. (I would add a photo but can't work out how to!)
  14. Modge


    We went to the King's Head, also in the village of Napton, last Friday 17th. Very quiet, but good food, very friendly staff (under new management), Hook Norton beer. We'd also recommend the Cuttle Inn at Long Itchinton.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Any further information would be gratefully received. Already slightly altered plans after being sent a few P.M.s( No, not Gordon Brown). My initial plan for overnights are: Two Boats Inn Tom O' the Wood Drawbridge White Horse, Curdworth Black Swan, Grendon or King's Head, Atherstone Ansty- Rose and Crown or Ansty Arms Ye Olde King's Head, Napton. Any comments/ suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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