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  1. Hi Athy, Trust you. Well thanks mate, we've got great reliability now after two seasons of setting getting them all straight and customers seem to love all of the boats.
  2. Hi folks, For Your Information Marine Electrician Sandra, famed of these parts, now works for us here at Middlewich Narrowboats. There is quite a lot in the book already for this winter so let us know as early as possible if you can for winter work this year. Thanks all Chuggy
  3. Hi Everyone, hope you're all well. Just a little information. We have a little Dry Dock availability for the end of October at the moment if any body needs it. Also note. Dock is clean and dry (no mud) and has had some electrical upgrades lately including more 16 amp power points and complete surrounding gunwale level lighting with 24 spot lamps. Recommended by boat Surveyor Mike Carter who uses it often for historic boats and others. Sorry no Blasting here Dry dock - blacking - self hire - all services 01606 832 460
  4. Don't mess about, go straight to the police. These people are inevitably involved in other forms of crime and need every incident reporting. I'll bet they know who he is. Don't worry about trying to defend yourself in your own home, your action was a proportionate response to your assault, you don't need to be struck to be assaulted, just believe you are about to be...and he got on your boat with a weapon. There is too much petty crime on the canals that boaters just put up with! These people make me soooo angry. Hope you are OK.
  5. Hi all, I know it's not usual to market hire boats on here but I have spoken to the boss and he's keen that you all get any information and happy for us to talk to you, so here's the gen. I have a little boat that is really great but it has a big gap in the bookings. So if any of the CWDF folks are interested in a three week hire for a small boat (1 fixed double + one make up double or 2 singles) for 21 nights from 30th Aug I will discount it to you folks first. I will knock £850 off the list price. http://www.middlewichboats.co.uk/nav-wrenbury.html I also have a large gap in a six berth boats bookings if you are interested in a similar deal for the summer holidays but I know this will sell later so I'm not too worried about this one. I've not got this offer out anywhere else at the moment so call me at the office if you are interested. 01606 832 460. Just tell us you saw this post on the forum. If there's no takers for this here, I will put out the reduction to the public but not at this rate, it's just for you folks and only for a week or so. Thanks all, Greg
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a guide to a journey from us up to the Peak Forrest Canal. Not done this myself yet. Any one fancy a go at writing a short description?
  7. Guys, thanks a million you're really kind. Mark, I hadn't realised that you had to do CPR! I put the story on the Facebook site. Wrenbury's my favourite boat of the navigator fleet, really cosy little boat. She doesn't book very well though, just found out that she's gone missing off the website so that explains that. We're thinking of offering her out for longer term hire as there are big slots of availability on her, something like one moth for the price of two and a half weeks. Thanks again for your posts, your all ACE.
  8. We're always happy for you to drop by and re-water with us at Middlewich Narrowboats.
  9. New website with all the boats on coming this week.
  10. We've had some stars hire from Middlewich Narrowboats. Won't be anouncing who though, we like to keep strict confidence for them.
  11. Dont forget Kings lock out of action right now.
  12. They're Grand Dave, well built hire boats. Nantwich have maintained them to a high standard. they all need blacking now. Few more out this week.
  13. Brilliant guys, I always learn so much when I talk to you folkes. Is it possible to get a copy of the brochure for this lady? In terms of the colours, it should be easy to work out what they're likely to have been. I agree the boat never looked hostoric in the narrowboating scence but I think vintage like a car is fair enough. As good an excuse to pay homage to it's past as any don't you agree? thanks a million Chuggy
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