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  1. Sorry if some got my post the wrong way, I am a nice person how dare you judge...anyway it's obvious that I'm wasting my time explaining this great product to anyone on a forum. I'm taking it straight to the boatbuilders and self fitout guys out there, if anyone would like any further information PM me as I'm not prepared to argue with folk on a forum, Saltysplash if you wish I could arrage a sample for you to test. bye for now
  2. Today I have been working right behind that tobacco warehouse, what a nice old building, they don't make em like that nowadays. Liverpool docks had lots of charm, much of it has gone but there are still fragments to view and wonder at...great pics mate
  3. Yes well very nice but all aload of crap, I have a brand new product which was designed for the non slip area's on US Navy gun ships, it can be done to any shade required by the normal pigment mixing, and the surface is guaranteed for a life time, the non slip chips are evenly spread and the finish is 100% level...the sand method is rubbish...I have done a couple of friends boats and they are over the moon, it does need some preparation before being applied but well worth it in the end, would anyone be interested in this product ? and if so let me know I am seriously thinking of setting up a service for boat owners because it is so good and advanced...any thoughts
  4. I have just purchased 2 mooring lines, they are the hemp type in natural, they were bound up when purchased and they are difficult to work with and have a "memory" can anyone suggest how I can get them to form nice loops and form MY MEMORY, I'm a bit of a new fella on boats but I was shit hot in the Scouts
  5. Hi Well what is the norm to create a non slip surface if any on the boats roof etc, I have seen sand mixed with paint, is that it???? I wondered if anyone has a preference on this matter
  6. You lot sound guilty I have sent Kiki and Mayalid PM's don't worry i'm not a BW inspector
  7. I can't remember which member it is who has a mooring at Warble wharf in Dukinfield, but would you get in touch with me please I have a question to ask, thanks
  8. What really nice films and a welcome after a really horrible day, I'm a Manchester lad and loved seeing Swallow of Cowburn & Cowpar it must have been a rough life on the cut, but i bet they were happy..I would do it without a thought. and while i'm on a question, as a very young boy my Aunt used to walk me along the Ashton canal behind Robertsons jam works, and i still recall seeing sunken boats, does anyone have any access to photographs of the area circa 1958,59,60. If so please post them it would be wonderful to see the area as I did as a young kid, again thanks for the films they are great.
  9. Yea It's all taken into account and I have put myself a restriction on around 50 locks in the 6 days, but like you say i'll suck it and see !! my way is go out for 3 days then turn and you know you can do the same back, I did the same last September on the Cheshire ring.
  10. Just been on this site watching the World Superbike from Philip Island, any bikers on the cut might like to have a gander http://www.worldsbk.com/pubb_EN/index.php
  11. Haggis Thanks that is one option and is a good one, the other one is to go to Hawkesbury Junction, then onto Marsto and onto the Ashby canal which looks very tranquil, finally turning at Snarestone tunnel South end, I have done the virtual tour on AC Canal planner and there is a bit of everything...what you think
  12. I think it would be a little optomistic doing it single handed on a hire boat (i know my limits) going anti clockwise it's not bad for some time, but after the 2nd day the locks are coming thick and fast, and don't stop until near end of trip, I'll go back to the drawing board...I have the boat for 7 days from Whilton Marina, I have gone off going South and was looking for a decent trip over 6 days with about 50 locks, any idea's you guys
  13. sidewaysid

    what to take

    I'm going single handed around the Warwickshire ring and will spend quite a few nights on the boat. can anyone say what food i should take to survive, I mean what can I cook on the boat with a gas stove, no micro!!!!! any suggestions please
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