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  1. Quality stuff OG. I guess I am Don and you are Sancho. Like it... Thanks DC. Understood.
  2. It is frustrating Alan. I'm sure their evasive sounding responses are accidental. Andy.
  3. You're right OG, it would indeed, but I shouldn't need to. The EA would be happy with the DoC alone which I hope will be included. Andy.
  4. Hmmmm, not quite out of the woods yet. I emailed the builder to confirm that the boat comes with a DoC. They have emailed me back stating the build will come with "all the correct paperwork." I was hoping for a more definitive answer so have asked again for specific confirmation. Just to provide the forum members with some clarity, I am dealing with one of the larger narrowboat boat builders in the country so I do have hopes that all relevant paperwork will likely be included. Just need to hear it I guess. Andy.
  5. Thanks Alan, I'll give them a ring tomorrow and report back my findings. Andy.
  6. Thanks Alan, EA say a DoC would give me 4 years grace to complete the boat. My builder told me that a DoC cannot be issued to a part built boat. It must be finished to receive a DoC. Sorry, I am aware that some of this content has been discussed before but I do appreciate your knowledge specific to this thread. Andy.
  7. Hi All, Thanks to everyone for the great welcome a couple of weeks ago. I'm in the final stages of signing up for a new sail-away narrowboat build but can't seem to get to the bottom of registration on the Anglia Environment Agency controlled waters, the Great Ouse and the River Nene. The canal trust clearly state that they give 1 years grace regarding the BSC on new sail-away's and after that year you must get a BSC regardless of what stage the fit out is at. The EA website doesn't discuss sail-away's at all and after ringing the EA, nobody seems to kn
  8. Great information thanks everyone. Really appreciate your thoughts. Great pictures Kevin. Love looking at your build pictures. Andy.
  9. Thanks Kevin, Great picture. I was thinking about rear gas lockers to open up the bow for seating. So many descissions! Andy.
  10. Thanks for all this info. You've saved me hours of pondering, not to mention making a duff decision. I'll move the layout around a bit to accommodate the steps and storage. Andy.
  11. I'm the tallest at 6'2" Central sound favorite so far. I guess that's the dilemma, Allocate bedroom space to accommodate the steps or go for an offset door. Thanks very much, Andy.
  12. Thanks both. Good points, internal steps it is. Any further thoughts on central vs offset door? Andy.
  13. Hi All, Thanks to everyone for the great welcome in the newbie/introduction page. I now need to finalise the layout for my upcoming 45ft cruiser stern build. The part I need help with is the rear access door arrangement. Should I opt for a central door or should I go for a door fitted offset to one side. Should I have an external stair well (no sliding hatch) or some internal steps (with sliding hatch)? The boat will have a 7ft cruiser stern and the bedroom is at the aft end of the boat. I do realise the choice is mine 😏 but I'm looking f
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