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  1. I'm hedging my bets. We are only accepting scoresheets from boats whose names match Sue's database precisely. Now, I don't know which spelling she has used... Richard
  2. This year's runners: Rebellion Vulpes Julie Tatty Lucy Delhi/Dehli Red Wharf Goosander Karis Oates Rivets 5000 Tamar No2 Daisy Piglet Ferrous Golden Eagle Joanna Umpires launch: Melaleuca On twitter #BCNChallenge. Richard
  3. With red sauce and a mug of tea Richard
  4. The Umpires launch are awake and considering breakfast. Sausages, bacon and mushrooms Richard
  5. The Umpires launch is on the Stourbridge canal Richard
  6. That's why my workshop is full of gremlins!
  7. Oooh now, doesn't it depend what era the engine is from? It isn't the gravity per se, it's to do with the water. What's happened is the nuts/spanner/etc are naturally drawn towards the gravitons in the water. By putting your boat into water you've created a natural gravity well where not only is the nut attracted by normal gravity, there are additional forces from the surrounding water. If there should be a large metallic object in there like an engine, that increases the attractive forces Richard
  8. That sounds exactly how the lever should be. We rebuild these gearboxes for a living Richard
  9. I'm afraid it absolutely does need to be robust, and the force to change gear on those LM100 boxes is always quite high. That's why it has a long lever Richard
  10. I've not come across a JP3 with anything other than a three bladed prop yet Richard
  11. Yes, I knew what you meant - and how does your water get out of your water tank? Richard
  12. We fitted thin T&G in our bathroom in the house - it shrinks dramatically from new!
  13. Exactly the problem the original tramway would have had Richard
  14. I think that sort of crane would have been in a transhipment shed: Notice the pin at the top of the post that fits into a socket in the rafters. The one at Aylesbury has had a separate post fitted to provide a socket, this limits the swing of the crane. Also, note the overhead wheel to keep the platform clear A tramway crane would have all of it's mechanism at ground level Richard
  15. Our water is definitely fed to the sink by a pump...
  16. Mine too. There are a lot of 12mm AF nuts and bolts on my Isuzu, usually where I expect to find a 13mm one Richard
  17. Somehow I once managed to put together 1.8 without setting the valve clearances. They'll run with absolutely huge clearances... Not recommended, of course. Just interesting (if you like that sort of thing) Richard
  18. Most old cranes had a post that they pivoted on, no mater what the upper parts looked like Richard
  19. This crane was on the Little Eaton tramway: It unloaded tram wagons into boats. It's unlike most other cranes I've come across, I can't imagine why there would be a 'standard' crane for the job. Richard
  20. That'll be the surreptitious whisky drinking and giggling by the crew of Tawny Owl I presume?
  21. Buying a modern tacho to read off the W terminal of the alternator may be a simpler answer Richard
  22. Before I had a 'proper' twelve point offset socket, I used one out of a set like this: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-crows-foot-imperial-wrench-set-8-piece/ Slightly more faff as you may have to keep turning the 'spanner' over as you tighten. Otherwise, works fine Richard
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