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  1. There is also a device known as a sheep-foot compactor which does the same job - note it doesn't compact the sheep's foot, just mimics it
  2. It's also stretching a point to say they're available roadside! I've been trying to get them for over a year from my local stockist. I've managed so far as the boatyard where I more Juno sold me their last 3.9kg to tide me over whilst I found an alternative.
  3. That would be good! Would save me a messy refit of Juno's gas locker....
  4. A lovely picture very much of it's time. Even as a houseboat I bet that thing was a beggar in any level of wind - and as it's not against the bank one must assume it moved a little, given those whites the two people clearly didn't swim aboard. And who goes on any boat dressed entirely in white? I think it was quite a fashion, but they would quickly look disheveled and the laundry bill must have been impressive.
  5. I hear you - you may recall I've had the pleasure of steering your boat on two occasions - it was a joy to handle and (to my eye) a very attractive vessel as well as a very practical one.
  6. I think most boat types have been rhe subject of vitriol at some point. I had a snobbish lady tell me I couldn't fit Juno in Bradford Lock - Juno is a yoghurt pot, it would fit but SL felt I shouldn't be on the canal (there were two short narrow boats in the lock already, neither of them hers) - I've also had envy on occasion as when I've find a space on "full" moorings In "Three Men on a Boat" Jerome K Jerome complains about the steam driven launches as he and his friends row up the river. When offered a ride in a steam launch he comments on the idiots in rowing boats who won't get out of the way...
  7. Pricing in any market is used for two purposes, to raise revenue and to reduce demand - to some extent the point of the wide beam surcharge is for the purpose of reducing demand as well as raising revenue. There may have been no surcharge if there hadn't been a sudden influx of the things, especially on waterways that aren't really suitable. The constant pushing of boundaries over the last two decades was going to get a reaction somewhere down the line - large boats and more boats without a home mooring, both with some people seeking to find the absolute limit in terms of size or of minimum movement, and sometimes both - no, they can't stop you doing it, but they can use charges to discourage you from doing so.
  8. I concur - if we want the canals to survive we're gonna have to pay for them The EA will come for their money eventually - they can't run navigation works on zero cash either.
  9. Very interesting debate on paddle gear that is not on the original post! Does anyone know where the lock is? The steps either side does seem to be a Leicester Section feature
  10. It's in my original list It's doubtful whether a wide boat ever went through it, but I presume the logic was to get wide boats to a particular wharf in Middlewich. I haven't a clue why the barge lock in Droitwich was built wide!
  11. That gets messy.... Stroudwater locks were shorter and wider the T&S locks - the break of guage came at Brimscombe so the first seven T&S locks were Stroudwater size and Bournes was wide and long to allow both. Some of the T&S locks in the Golden Valley were shortened but I'm not sure the ones on the other side down to the Thames were. Overall the T&S locks were a pain as they were wide but not wide enough for two narrow boats. When built it was never imagined the narrow boat would become so ubiquitous so it was built for Thames barges
  12. Thanks - Stourport & Diglis are I guess similar to Bancroft, get the barges off the river into a canal basin. Northampton is one of very few places where narrow locks connect directly to a wide beam river navigation. I think Oxford is the only other one (twice) and the wide beam route there is a through route. The larger navigation is a through route - unless a 70 foot boat can get through lock 21?
  13. I guess they would now although it's not a lock that stops them!
  14. I found myself idly looking at locations where there are wide locks on a through route for narrow boats but which lead to a dead end for wide boats. I'm not counting locations where there is a narrow branch off a wide canal, only where a wide boat going through the lock would have no choice but to turn round and return through it. A quick review suggests the following locations and reasons Bunbury - Chester Canal led to Nantwich and predates all the narrow canals that lead off it Stenson - Trent barges to Burton Whitsunday Pie - Trent barges to Retford Middlewich Big - Mersey Flats to Middlewich? (although this wasn't actually possible?) Kibworth - supposed to be a through route for barges between Leicester and Northampton Bancroft (Stratford) - to get barges off the Avon? Knowle - to get barges to a new depot at Bordesley (1930s inprovements) Droitwich - Barge lock in Vines park - ???? (It only led to about 100 yards of narrow river before the first narrow lock, and was owned by the same company as the narrow canal beyond it) Bunbury and Kibworth are the last locks on a canal, the narrow locks beyond were built by a different company. All the others are a change of gauge under the same canal company. Have I missed any? Are my suppositions as to why these locks were wide correct? I know some of them are but some are speculation on my part Were these wide locks ever used for their intended purpose, or did narrow boats carry all the traffic? Anyone anything to add? Thank you for helping me get distracted!
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. The weir has stayed put but the lock has moved towards it - the tail of the lock is where it was in about 1900 but it has grown a lot longer, all of it at the top end
  17. The stone in the bridge does fit though
  18. No, but I wonder if a similar mechanism was used for Dumbo's ears 🤔 😅
  19. I found this picture on the Historic Erie Canal Facebook group altugh it's actually on the Black River canal, a feeder canal (feeding traffic rather than water) I've seen balance beams, I've seen winches on the bank, I've seen rods fastened to the mitre post, but I ain't seen one of these before... Text description Delta Dam, July 18 1911 A great photograph from the new Black River Canal combine at Delta Dam in Rome. This is the middle of 3 locks that make up the one structure. The photo is showing the "hand operating machinery" which gives you a good idea of how the chamber gates were opened and closed. In a "lock combine", gates are shared between chambers. This is the lower gate for lock 9 and the upper gate lock 8.
  20. It does much of the time on the K&A, especially in summer - Juno has been the third boat in a lock on a number of occasions
  21. I had a similar problem several years ago - it was caused by diesel leaking into the oil so that the oil was both thinner and far more plentiful than it should have been. I ended up limping all the way from Aynho to Bath with a daily oil change and a can of easy start (and a song has been written in honour of this achievement!) Check the oil, if you have too much of it....
  22. All boats are one-offs, but an electrically propelled disabled accessible boat more so than most. I can't offer practical experience but I know who can. The Monmouthshire, Brecon and Abergavenny Canal Trust operate one from Goytre, 60 feet long, 8 foot 6 wide and double ended (can be steered from either end) so also has a motor at each end. They started running it in 2019 I think. My main experience is in steering it from Goytre to Govilon that Autumn.
  23. Assuming they're in order, Boveney is well provided with paddles! Are the wheel operated paddles bigger than the track and pinion ones? I guess the gearing and the big wheel would mean they could be.
  24. Or heavier fans... Maybe fans of West Ham are a bit lightweight...
  25. Thanks Alan, I was 12 in 1978, but mum and dad were boaters and I read WW avidly. In recent times I have often thought "we've been here before" There was a genuine fear then that the network would disintegrate
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