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  1. I have seen on Midland chandlers facebook page that they are offering 10% discount this Friday ( 27th ) online only ( as far as I can see ? )
  2. Hi LadyG, yes I have an induction hob but trying not to run the inverter till the solar set up is complete. As it's a leisure boat I am planning to prepare meals at home that I can reheat in a microwave. I have seen that some boats have solid fuel stoves which look great and from all the research I have done I think everyone has different ideas on what is best for them.I am going to see what sort of power I can Generate from the solar set up (4 panels ) and see what sort of appliances will work best. From what I can gather it's the winter months that take the most thought and for liveboar
  3. Well spotted but rest assured that was just a temporary solution to enable us to make a cup of tea while we are still working on her. We made sure that the window was open and the canister unlocked when not in use. It's a leisure boat at the moment and will be having a solar set up put in over the Winter period ready for next year. Good to see you know your stuff though.
  4. "better to have and not to need than need and not to have " Alan ( especially true for us Girly's ) Your quote hopefully answers the OP question ?
  5. Still working on the inside and planning to build a cabin at the bow. Also going to install solar panels over the winter as decided I wanted to be "gas free" and don't want to keep running the engine while it's not under load.I have a compost waterless toilet which is great as I only have a small water tank ,(350 litres ) I like the idea of a "bull bar " to help me turn quickly from full lock to full lock as at the moment I need to get my hand on the spokes and that means bending a bit so I can't see out of the window.!
  6. Thanks everyone for all your comments and suggestions so far. I think the most daunting part for me is the locks as there are a lot of GRP boats that tie up near the entrances when its busy and I am conscious that its not easy to avoid collision in such close quarters if you haven't got it right first time ! At 15 tons ( unloaded ) I would not want to hit one --or graze past it. ! On the open river its a lot easier , except in high Summer when there are paddle boards, canoes and wild swimmers to try and avoid ( I plan to make most of my trips outside of the peak season ) I think that havi
  7. Thanks Nut ! I have been doing a lot of research using these forums but only just joined as a member. I realise that with all things in life not everyone has the same taste ( and it would be a boring world if they did ! ) but some things are driven by necessity and our own individual circumstances. I am certainly looking forward to gaining more experience of river cruising as it can be a bit daunting when it is very busy !
  8. Hi all, after years of research (and saving hard ! ) I have finally purchased a steel boat which was made for me to fit my limited mooring on the Thames. ( I managed to purchase the mooring a few years ago ! ) Having had some lessons with a very experienced boater I am very conscious that some of you make it look easier than it is ! I am also conscious that the phrase " Teaching an Old dog new Tricks " is probably very apt, but for some of us its not always possible to find the time ( or money ! ) to take up boating in our younger years. Buoyed up by the performance ( or perceived perfo
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