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  1. Quod erat demonstrandum, although I prefer the Red Dwarfesque translation. Even though it has no relevance here.
  2. Everything wears out eventually. Knowing someone who can fit a new one at cost can only be useful.
  3. Yeah, but I’m sure even the best boat needs a new heating system fitting at some point.
  4. Dunno, the vintage scene is a big part of who I am, can’t see mr giving that up tbh...it’ll just take some managing I guess
  5. Really, really not a jeans and t-shirts person! Dehumidifier sounds good :)
  6. Indeed...my knitwear would be ok and my reproduction stuff. The marina I’m looking at has on land storage included in mooring fees-I suppose it’s too much to hope this would be a walk in wardrobe! Gas iron ? I had no idea they were available! Maybe one of those old fashioned irons that you heat up on a stove is the answer?
  7. I have much to learn...
  8. Evening all! Just got back from my 1st day at work after the hols and one of my colleagues is married to a man who fits heating systems into narrowboat! How useful is that going to be ? I had heard that relying on one stove for heat leads to inconsistencies in temperature so maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the boat help ward off damp. So I was kind of thinking I need an efficient heating system that goes beyond just a small stove, even in a 30 ft boat. Lucky to have a colleague who can help me out at mates rates eh?
  9. I’d need to iron I’m afraid - I don’t wear anything that can be worn with creases - not exactly a jeans and t-shirts woman :-/ So I’m guessing yes, they come out terribly creased. Pity.
  10. Do things come out terribly creased? Noticed they do hanging bags that would be great in the wardrobe but not very convenient if things come out needing tons of ironing.
  11. You’re right, it’s becoming oddly depressing ? Ill add her to the blocked list so I can stay on here-clearly the intention is to drive me away as I’m not the right “type” to own a narrowboat.
  12. Sigh....I meant that it’s important to make your single status clear when talking on line so men-and women- don’t start flirting or stalking. Happens quite a lot on line unless you disguise yourself, which strikes me as rather duplicitous. But do troll away if it amuses you. Sad to see that’s how you choose to get your kicks though.
  13. Thank you for your kind words I shall indeed “gu fo it” x
  14. Said Hamlet to Ophelia,I'll draw a sketch of thee.What kind of pencil shall I use?2B or not 2B? by Spike Milligan
  15. I think bees are too rebellious to cooperate in the way that pigeons do. Pigeons clearly have an unhealthy obsession with humanity.. all that hanging around densely populated areas and cosying up to statues when no actual flesh and blood humans are around. They can be persuaded to carry messages for is because they are essentially speckled sycophants. Bees on the other hand? Rebels. Mavericks. Nobody’s plaything.
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