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  1. Thank you for the concern but I did say this is a rough first draft, the only reason I shared it was to demonstrate the layout in terms of where everything was. I understand that it isn’t technically correct and there are many things to consider before I start building but I’m really here for tips and cost estimates for the bathroom... thanks! That sounds scary! There is a hatch, bedroom-side of the kitchen which will do perfectly as a fire escape 😊
  2. Quite easily actually, as I hope you can see from my (very quick) first draft of the plan. The idea is also a bathroom which someone could dress and undress in, which is completely impossible at the moment. In regards to people passing me in the night to use the bathroom, I don’t think I’ll have a guest to stay who I would feel uncomfortable passing my bedroom at night 😅
  3. Thanks for your insight, I would like to keep it under £1k and if it’s relatively uncomplicated like you say that shouldn’t be difficult. The less I spend on labour the more I have to play with when it comes to things like tiles etc. The current shower has a (gulper?) pump which I’m hoping to reuse... would that work for a bath?
  4. More than just a bathroom added to an empty space then? I doubt my final bill would come near to that even if I paid for the whole thing, but thanks for the information! Useful info though, I hadn’t put much thought into it and now I don’t have to ☺️
  5. We could probably do it all; it would be great if I could afford help. I got her for a good price, and I could see the potential with some relatively minor changes. Thanks, that’s promising. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a new hole drilled. I had been thinking about a bath but that’s definitely something to consider. As for the loo, it’s a cassette: just a case of sliding it into a new room!
  6. Did they break it down? That’s about 153 hours, so I’d be interested to know what that went on. I’m probably going to do most of the work alongside my dad, who can turn his hand to most things I’ll need to do (plumbing, wall building) but won’t touch the hull. If it was reasonable I’d pay for the majority of the hard work to be done, but by the sounds of your papers maybe not 🤔
  7. Not sure what you mean? There is a shower cubicle and a room for the toilet squeezed into the kitchen, I can’t leave it how it is...
  8. Hi everyone! I’ve recently bought and moved on to my first boat. My first job is going to be building a new, full width bathroom across the back of the boat, between the engine room and the living area, and removing the shower and toilet compartment to improve the kitchen. I’ve got all the bits, and what I don’t have I’ll pick up second hand so I’m more interested in the cost of materials and labour for modifications to the boat itself (new drainage points, and a new wall) I hope that’s makes sense. I’d also love to hear any tips and advice from your own experience EDIT: As much as I appreciate the good intentions of those warning me not to do it, I’d much rather you didn’t.
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