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  1. Having the vast expanse that is England as a garden. And not having to mow a jot of it.
  2. Yep, know how you feel. Except I get them at 4am in the morning because they ring my UK mobile at the equivalent time. I just ask them to flag as a night worker and act accordingly. I am with the bank that likes to say 'yes'. I wish I was with the 'listening bank'. Ho hum.
  3. On my first boat, I used Blue. Then, on the recommendation of a fellow boatowner, I stopped using it altoghether. The stink stunk less. Since having my new boat, I've never used anything except Ecover on the pan - and don't have a smell. So in my opinion, get it pumped out regularly enough to not use anything... Cost = nothing!
  4. Having mine done at Shobnall now, so the juries out. The jury well and truly came home regarding the most convenient one for us who moor in Mercia after we noticed last August a lot of the blacking had come off having only been done February 2010!! We're the second on our pontoon to have had this problem hence going further afield.
  5. I've always preferred cats to dogs so AV gets my vote! But Alas, like the kittehs...I can't.
  6. Hi there Tried to PM you but couldn't as you're too new. However, this forum is a great place to advertise...can you send me some more details of the property as I'm looking for land canalside. My email address is my forum name @hotmail.co.uk Much appreciated. Penny.
  7. Calling Pillingslock, calling Pillingslock. Found your culprit. I'll be in touch for my reward.
  8. Folks, this is simply not debateable. A hose is inserted into the innards of a canal (carrying vessel) Ordinarily, there is a charge for such of around 10-15 pounds. He sleeps with the boss so gets it free (moorer's perk) Thus, he is pumped out. Now if he were to dispense of said other. He would be a Thetford.
  9. An absolutely stunningly beautiful country (except for the capital), and lovely people as well (even in the capital). I hope you enjoy yourself and thank you for making a difference.
  10. I've never locked myself out of a car, but I've had a car lock me in. It was a Lada, what more can I say?
  11. I find the whole situation in Libya tremendously sad. I left friends and respected colleagues there last August. Having lived there for two years, I can understand the British Government's reticence about going in. By and large, Libyans, having endured international isolation for twenty years, do not welcome interference at any time. Whilst those opposing Ghaddafi do now, there will always remain a pride, or arrogance (depending on your point of view), that requires issues to be resolved 'InShallah'. But I do feel the need to point out: Libya was an Italian colony: the Italian's loss in WW2 resulted in Libya going into British Administration, which was subsequently handed over (rather quickly) to a monachastic rule, which in turn was overthrown by a 29 year old colonel who opposed, amongst many things, the lack of air-conditioning in the new housing. That was 42 years ago. Libya is not the same as Bahrain. In the former, they are only recently adjusting to economic wealth, which is beginning to trickle down, although with an awful lot of it being creamed off beforehand. This is very disturbing. With the latter, there is wealth which our youths (indeed most of our working population) cannot even imagine. What combines both is the 'wasta' way of life which is very frustrating for anyone who has not got it.
  12. Absolutely agreed. I went across The Wash last August on a Jetski and not in a million years would I take any narrowboat (let alone my pride and joy) on that trip. I'd already battled 2.5 metres waves out of Sea Palling; and in the middle of the wash they were a good 1.5 metres mostly - yet it was a still, calm, sunny, balmy day. In my view, a narrowboat would need full water and weather protection at the bow to prevent submerging, but of greater importance: a narrowboat does not have the draft to cope with the tail end of the North Sea. I'm the first in line when it comes to defying the naysayers in this world. If you prove me wrong, I'll be the first to congratulate you but I just wouldn't take this challenge on. And if you're planning to do this in August, I'll give a nudge when I'm attempting (for the second time) to be the first woman to jetski around the UK!
  13. Okay, I'll confess. I have a corner jacuzzi bath with chromotherapy light! I also have a waterfall shower over it which is rarely used - although fab. All terribly extravagant, but having a bath is utterly bliss after a long days' cruising, and the built in seat is perfect to stand a glass of wine. Funnily enough, I use a shower when living on land, but I think it's because when on land you're busy working so don't have hours to soak, whereas on the boat means you can be as leisurely as you like. Mind you there's something about cubicles that makes me claustrophobic (I'm not usually though). The bathroom on my boat is my favourite 'room'. We can fill the bath up four or five times over between water points so it's not so bad and I wouldn't have it any other way just because it's lush.
  14. Actually, you are quite correct: some do build to full compliance and have their work regularly checked. All should. So something for new boatowners to factor in their decision-making. "WHY don't customers go back to the builder at that stage, if it's a non-compliancy issue from the start?" I think there's two issues at play. The first is the RCD and the BSS have a small number of conflicts set up within them. A boat is built to an RCD, but maintained by the BSS - so you have to go with the first even though it won't be acceptable to the latter. Also, rules change from time to time: so four years post-build something that might have been previously acceptable no longer is. But when the Boatbuilder cannot claim either of these issues as pertinent that is where the real trouble begins. For many I've spoken to on this issue, the reality has been paying to get it fixed versus having to take a boatbuilder to court to enforce their consumer rights (in cases of dispute). Unless the boatbuilder is a member of a Boatbuilding Association, which can assist with arbitration, there is no other organisation to enforce your legal rights, aside from the courts. Ultimately, resolving one's BSS issues is much cheaper, much less stressful and not nearly as time-consuming. Remember that if the boatbuilder has gone out of business (even if they've restarted under another name) then the law states that you cannot make any further claims against the company, unless you can prove the directors have been negligent (again a very expensive process). This applies to Ltd companies, not sole-traders. So it's a case of making the best of a bad bunch of options.
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