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  1. Supertramp

    Wendover Arm draft

    Thanks everyone for the advice, we will venture down there on Sunday.
  2. Supertramp

    Wendover Arm draft

    Thanks Matty
  3. Supertramp

    Wendover Arm draft

    Anyone have up to date info on the depth of the Wendover Arm? We draw 28" and have heard this may be a problem. Thanks
  4. Supertramp

    EE Summer100

  5. Supertramp

    7 day Thames license

    This document seems to indicate that all temp licences should benefit from the extra hours of the first day https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/420058/LIT_10050.pdf which includes the line "7-day certificate The term ‘day’ is the 24 hours commencing after midnight and finishing at midnight."
  6. Supertramp

    7 day Thames license

    A word to the wise - I purchased a 7 day licence at Swinford (Eynsham) lock earlier this month, and queried the fact that the lock keeper included the first day of purchase as one of the '7 days'. He told me that rule was just for the one day licence. I knew he was wrong but short of calling him a liar - what to do. Now I am back from cruising for a bit - I will fire an email to EA asking them to clarify it, and perhaps retrain the lock keeper. It did mean our last day on the Thames to Teddington showed an out of date licence, but no-one questioned it.
  7. Supertramp

    Cost of an immersion heater

    Also remember that most boat immersion heaters are usually less than 3kw, - often only 1kw
  8. Supertramp

    Overnight Moorings Thames to Reading

    Are these 'free' mooring spots available in some sort of booklet or map, as it seems you have to 'know' the river in order to find them. I will be doing the complete Thames next month for the first time (to Limehouse), and it would be really handy to have a quick reference guide
  9. Supertramp

    South Oxford single handed - lift bridges?

    Thanks - it's all helpful info. Someone mentioned elsewhere that some Thames lockies want a front and rear line tied off in locks, isn't that a bit awkward single handed?
  10. Supertramp

    South Oxford single handed - lift bridges?

    Thanks guys, that's helped ease my concerns. I had heard it was difficult to moor the boat at a few to either open or close after as you sometimes had to be on the opposite side to the towpath, but perhaps things have improved.
  11. Im heading south from Braunston on the Oxford canal next month, as part of the Thames Ring. For part of the journey I will be single handed, and have heard that some of the bridges on this section are 'difficult' for single handers. Are there any specific problem areas I should watch out for, or is it perfectly feasible to complete it easily single handed?
  12. Supertramp

    mystery boat snooper in MK

    It wasn't the tweet that gave me that info, but the licensing team at CART last week. They confirmed it on the phone.
  13. Supertramp

    No more license disks

    When I renewed mine 2 weeks ago, the lady told me they no longer send them out, and it was no longer a requirement to display it PROVIDED the name and index number of the boat were on view. I also was unable to log in to print it out..... And that has continued to be the case for 2 weeks now.
  14. Supertramp

    mystery boat snooper in MK

    Now that you no longer need to display your licence in the boat window, there is no reason for anyone to 'peer' in.
  15. Supertramp

    (Another!) Three - The One Plan question

    My 'One Plan' contract ended in Feb this year. Three called and then Text to get me to contact them, eventually when I continued to ignore them they sent a text with the new plan i would be put on when my contract expired. I did ring them at that point, as I wasnt happy with the lower call limits ets, and after several days and calls, agreed an unlimited calls, test and data for £15 (still with a theoretical 4GB limit on tethering, - tho I've yet to see that happen). I was a high data user, and went for the EE 15GB sim, same cost as Three - BUT they will allow a 30 day rolling contract - Three wanted a 24 month fixed contract for a sim only data plan. - stupid!