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  1. Thanks all.....just seen the email alert too ☺️
  2. Yes have seen that thanks. Will have to wait and see come the end of the week wont we?
  3. Thanks Pie Eater......are you a Wigan lad by any chance?
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows if lock 73 will be open from 15 feb as stated on CRT website? Anyone in the vicinity who may know progress with work thus far as we are hoping to head through that way this week. I have phoned CRT and no more info than what is on web. New to boat life so thought Id ask here. Thanks
  5. I am a bit old fashioned and do prefer face to face conversations so that is certainly on our agenda aswell. The www has, despite its drawbacks regards mooring information ? , allowed me to converse on here to some very accomodating, lovely folks for which I am thankful!
  6. Thanks all for your responses...seems its true what they say about the boating community....always willing to help. Howard we dont need to consider anything other than being relatively close to Wythenshawe area ( 30 mins drive away). It would appear BWC is not the best option. We think we will have a look at Pennington Wharf on L&L. We are travelling from a similar distance at the moment and it appears they have moorings available! Will let you know how we get on after Christmas.
  7. Thankyou Grebe for your quick reply. I will have a look as you suggest, but arent there marinas along the BWC you can stay longer term? Please excuse my ignorance.....better go off now and search here as you say to reduce said ignorance! Thanks again
  8. Hi everyone, My wife and I are new to boating and are hoping some kind soul can help us. We are looking to live aboard a narrowboat (viewing one next week), and we are trying to find a mooring available on the Bridgewater canal as we have work in Wythenshawe (so as near as possible would be good. We also have a car for getting to work). We dont seem to be getting anywhere online, hence joining this forum. Can anyone help us?....please! Thankyou.
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