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  1. Hello guys, i have a problem with my Alde 3010 at the moment. Several days ago i kept getting the water pump going off in the night! Looked around at the taps for drips etc but couldn't see any leaks. Then today i spotted water running into the engine room from next door where the Alde system is. Quick inspection and water is leaking internally, filling the unit! Water and electrics all switched off pronto before they mix. I have drained down the fresh water to stop any further leaking. Now the Alde hasnt been in use for several months, Last used for h
  2. Ive had to have several head gaskets bespoke made over the years for my 2VSH. All with various success and failures. The OEM gaskets were made from asbestos copper sandwich. I'd be interested if these are a composite build or just solid copper? Below is a picture of my 1st graphite sandwich gasket that failed and also blocked one of the coolant passages in the head. (leading to a good cooking!) Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replys. I got hold of the Saltisford Canal Center. They are fine for pumpouts and gas - Just need to book with them. They can then move the day boat to allow access to the service bay. Lovely people. All sorted apart from fuel, but thats not a problem as im still 1/2 full.
  4. This is my dog Toby. He is 13 years old now. Been onboard with me for the last 4 years. He happily sits on the sliding hatch in front of me when cruising. He hates locks and jumps off as we approach. He then jumps back on as i close the gate. He loves to paddle - but only if he can see the bottom. On all our journeys around the country he always seems to remember our walks when we moor someplace we have been before - even if it was years ago!
  5. They wernt joking about blocking off the Saltisford junction: Its a local shop for local people. An you aint invited!
  6. Hello there. I wondered if some one could help with advice on getting services for my boat. I will be needing pumpout, gas and my diesel tanks topping up for winter. But im having problems trying to find a yard or anywhere really to get sorted out. Im at Warwick atm, just near the Cape of good hope. I plan on going towards Kings Norton on the North Stratford before going into Brum. All the yards like Delta had no one about and no service area to even moor up by. (All taken over by temp moorers hooked up and washing out) Kates boats where either closed or not selling diesel to t
  7. Hi, long time lurker,. But I have experienced the same as op. I wonder if the problem is a water pressure problem rather than an electrical pressure problem ( so to speak ) My water system does not have an accumulator - for whatever reason. In order to flush water in the toilet I open a cold tap on the sink to get the pump working. Toilet flushes fine then. This only happens occasionally. Does the op have an accumulator?
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