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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Watching this thread with interest as I tried and failed to change mine for exactly the same reason. Ended up just changing the "O" ring even though there was some wear on the nylon bush.
  3. I think it is essential to use some form of change over arrangement. I used a switch like the one mentioned above, double pole and 4 positions, OFF-1-2-3. I use positions 1 or 2 for shore power and 3 for inverter output. Got it from Puffer Parts for about £25ish and works a treat.
  4. These de-sulphaters were discussed on the forum quite some time ago and I seem to remember some knowledgable person posting saying that the more expensive Sterling multistep chargers have this facility built in. Anyone remember that?
  5. Same problem here, tried Internet explorer, Mozzila and 3 dongle but all the same. Fine now.
  6. tosher


    You only have to take a boat through a few of locks to relise that it is/would be far more awkward if another boat was tied up on the lock moorings. For some one to own a boat for 12/18 months, even if it's not moved very far, and not realise that is a bit beyond me I'm afraid.
  7. Don't think you could have illustrated "Doormans" point in an earlier thread any better!! Good luck with the launch aharg and enjoy your time afloat.
  8. Of course any marina owner should be allowed to put down any type of road surface they see fit and impose any speed limits they think appropriate, I have no problem with that. I meerely expressed my surprise at the 5 Star rating. I would expect any business that invites public access, whether it be a hotel, camp site or marina etc and has a top 5 Star rating to be accessed by a reasonably smooth tarmac roadway, and not "resemble a farm track" as you accurately describe it. Perhaps the priviso you mentioned was aimed at the appearance of the roadway,the hedges, fencing and grass borders etc rather than at the actual raod surface itself.
  9. Couldn't move the boat my bow thruster doesn't work !
  10. A bit surprised by this award considering the state of the pot hole riddled approach road. Many of the berth do not have a water tap dspite what the advertising blerb says - Not 5 star rating in my book. Think I agree with the previous posts on this one.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. I have this arrangement with an extractor fan sucking the air out. It works well and does not affect the engine breathing at all. It also keeps the engine bay a bit cooler and cleaner. tosher
  13. Advice please-----I often leave the boat unoccupied for a couple of weeks at a time and always leave the shore power lead disconnect(galvanic corrosion etc etc). I would like to leave an oil filled radiator switched on to protect against frost. I thought about using an extension lead to connect the heater straight into the leccy post on the pontoon to avoid having to "plug the boat in". Is this in any way harmfull as there would be no one onboard when the heater is connected. The leccy post does have two circuit breakrs on it, one is overcurrent and one is earth leakage(I think). I have a feeling this is not best practice. tosher.
  14. Passed him 3 weeks ago in Brewood in exactly the same condition. Must be a valuable cargo???
  15. Interesting, that's just what I was told by Crowthers some years ago. Anybody any idea what this measurement should ideally be ?? tosher.
  16. Same here, didn't know they were goung up, thanks for that I've just ordered some. tosher.
  17. Are your batteries "Elecsol" - these have a lower sg than normal open lead acid types.
  18. Thanks, will try it sparingly. tosher.
  19. Slightly off topic but is it ok to squirt a few drops of WD40 down the barrel of the ignition switch to lubricate the contacts??? (Isuzu engine panel). Thanks.
  20. Exactly the same here and couldn't agree more. Hope he is back soon. tosher.
  21. What did he say then? leave it till it breaks or service it regularly?
  22. I'm a NO on this one as well. No shore line connected = no galvanic corrosion. If boat is only left for 2 or 3 week periods and everything is switched off then batteries will be ok.
  23. Thanks chaps for your replies, sounds ok to me.
  24. Is anyone on the Caldon canal at the moment or been up in the last few days. Just wondering what the water level and weed situation is like??? Due to go up in a couple of days and heard a few bad things about it. First hand info would be much appreciated. tosher.
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