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  1. Here in a quiet corner of East Anglia there were no boats whatsoever even if the pub at the end of the line is now open.
  2. Could not resist and drove there to have a look. You are right, not floating, but nice ones which could last forever.
  3. There are http://middlelevelwatermensclub.com/ moorings in March, which need to be booked in advance, but it is an alternative.
  4. Cannot open the pictures to have a better look, but could it be floating pontoons?
  5. Excellent! (my moan did not last long then😀)
  6. Update: Isleham lock open again. Hopefully, EA will tackle now the moorings in Prickwillow, as it was shut over 2 years due to asbestos in the railings.
  7. Thanks for that. Very informative! I remember, last time I was crossing from Salter's to Denver, I was keeping well to the left of the sand bank, but still had to power through as the baseplate hit its edges. Perhaps, it was on low tide though.
  8. Might be mistaken, but isn't there a plan to restore the navigation from horseway lock towards Earith via Old Bedford River?
  9. Are there any new developments on opening the Horseway lock? It could be very relevant in the future as according to the link below, the crossing between Denver and Salter's lode might be getting quite tricky. https://teamup.com/ks7f3fcbc3e94ed8f0/events/579619671
  10. No. I don't think you missed one. The only way from Salter's lode is through Upwell, but then you can divert and take longer routes which will connect you back to the main link. Sorry, if I was not clear in my previous post
  11. Yes, you are right. Didn't realise that.
  12. It will take you through Upwell if you follow the recommended navigation link, but of course there many other drains which will eventually bring you to Stanground lock
  13. Happy journeying... Might be going there this year myself as would like to revisit the Nene after two years. All the Best Martin
  14. That I don't know unfortunately, but would think from 4th July it should be. Martin
  15. This could help https://middlelevel.gov.uk/navigation/navigation-information/ > Navigation notes 2019 It's a pdf booklet about the navigational link between Stanground lock and Salter's Lode lock
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