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  1. Locking down from Ely Ouse onto Off-cut channel at Denver complex. Whether Great Ouse is still a river in proper sense at that point is a question though.
  2. FWIW, a year ago I was thinking of stretching my 45' boat and here were my calculations: 10 ft of stretching = £10000 haulage fees = £1500 new section fit out with electrician and gas man involved + materials = £3000 Let's say 15000 all together. Money I would get after selling (realistically) 30000-32000 If I wanted to buy a boat of this length, which is in the same category of quality, builder etc. I would be looking at spending around 50000 according to my search what was available then. Plus I would need to have at least £2000 ready after paying
  3. Interestingly, in the latest GOBA magazine on p. 5, under the heading EA's sustainable business plan, Welches Dam lock appears to have allocated money for rebuilding. It says: ' ...2 locks [...] will cost £8 million to rebuild and are on the Middle level, Welches Dam being one of them.' edited to say: this is pre-covid news
  4. Actually, I might be the NIMBY here too ( very much liking the 'backwateredness' (new word alert) of East Anglian rivers)😃 I believe that with increased demand, facilities would improve and multiply perhaps. Though it took EA 2 years to fix moorings in Prickwillow. If I was to bet which of the new projects could materialize, it would be rather the Fens waterway link between Nene and Boston as to my best knowledge it does not require any expensive structures in place.
  5. Actually, that is precisely why I have two minds about this link. On one hand it would be great to have shorter journey to access the canal network, on the other though, the infrastructure is not here. Moorings are already sparse, let alone water points or pumpouts etc.
  6. Needs to be more as they plan it to be a link for wide beams as well🙂
  7. Yes, you are right. It's the hill. Now I remember.
  8. Thanks, Matty. Last time I was reading on that, possibly on the website which I linked to, there were plans for Falkirk style lift or such.
  9. Good to see something is happening, but unless there is a tangible plan to cross the M1, it is still just a pipe dream.
  10. Hi, you might have this info already, but here is link to the official website for this project http://www.b-mkwaterway.org.uk/ Somebody else might have of course some 'insider' information.
  11. That was certainly my case. When I bought my boat, the engine started overheating when going down the Nene, so I did have an external pipe fitted to the swim in Fox Marina. When the two holes for the pipes were drilled, my heart sunk. Still, it was a good decision as engine now happy and the capacity of cooling is 50% up. Also, I cannot see any problems with steering or reversing. The pipe might not be the most elegant solution, but it works and Foxes fit it to all their boats.
  12. Here in a quiet corner of East Anglia there were no boats whatsoever even if the pub at the end of the line is now open.
  13. Could not resist and drove there to have a look. You are right, not floating, but nice ones which could last forever.
  14. There are http://middlelevelwatermensclub.com/ moorings in March, which need to be booked in advance, but it is an alternative.
  15. Cannot open the pictures to have a better look, but could it be floating pontoons?
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