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  1. Of course it will never be implemented its a nonsense perspective as they would have payed into the system too just as people who smoke,drink, drive fast cars at rediculas speed the list goes on and on inculding pro vax clowns who think people should inject poison into their bodies in order to make them feel safe because they cant be assed to maintain a healthy immune system without the use of chemicals peddled by big pharma.
  2. Good grief talk about making the nonense up to fit your own excuses. No one made an observation they made a hateful derogatory attack based upon thin air and anger typical of most racists, there is a big difference between the two. At no point have I said I have any need or desire to join the NBTA or sit on a mooring but you and other members seem to need them to be dragged kicking and screaming into your childish petty jibs. You are clearly ignorant of the law and have researched only that of which suits your own perspective. There are plenty of boaters who are not Bargee Travellers who sit on moorings throughout winter without planning permission and there are plenty who sit on leisure moorings without residential planning all year round who are not Bargee Travellers or NBTA members up and down the cut , now they would be the people who are incompatible with the law as they are indulging themselves not their ethnicity. A Traveller does not need to travel in the sense you perscribe to be an authentic Traveller something that is very well covered and tested in the law.
  3. Actually in the appropiate context yes they are and I would sooner take the words of Johnson and Willers over yours but by all means read it for yourself. thank you.
  4. But the derogatory slur has been used in direct context of the original post (PLANNING LAW) making it a hateful ignorant ethnic slur towards an Ethnic Traveller. The derogatory use of the word Traveler in context synonymous to people of the appropiate recognisable ethic background (beggars belief it has to be explained) An Irish Traveller which in fact my father is, is nearly always referred to as a Traveler including in law. Bargee Travelers are also a recognised ethnic group through their working lifestyle and are treated as such in law where it is recognised as authentic. Being a Gypsy or Traveller is not an indulgement just as being African is not an indulgement its something you are born with and into hence my contempt for an accepted level of ignorance amongst this forums members when the term 'Traveler' is thrown around in a derogatory slur towards people of that culture. You will notice the screen grabs I have given from a book on Gypsy and Traveller law do not constantly refer to Irish Travellers but to Travellers as the terms is synonymous. The rather interesting book is written by Johnson and Willers.
  5. You have along with others in this thread have written information about me that is untrue and attempted to present it as fact that caused me alarm and distress. I suggest you read up on the law a bit more before shooting your mouth off online and trying to pass it off as freedom of expression. Protection from Harassment Act 1997 Malicious Communications Act 1988 Computer Misuse Act 1990
  6. Actually you are wrong, the members who understood the original question have answered it in depth and very helpfully without making personal insults. You then go on to totally contradict yourself by bringing the NBTA into the thread, which brings no answer in law to the original question. No I have not been abusive towards anyone other than stand my ground in defence of their abusive behaviour towards me in the first place.
  7. Shhhhh boy... They were not used at the same time in the context as you have presented them though were they!!
  8. There is a difference between slander and disagreeing. Just as there is a difference between travelling on holiday as Jo Bloggs and a Traveller by Enthnicity. Those comments are in direct response to the way the member has presented themselves so they are facts unlike the slander I have experienced which are based upon utter nonsense without any facts to substantiate them.
  9. A Traveller does not have to travel to be a Traveller but either way that does not excuse hatred and attacks.
  10. matty40s Making derogatory unfactual hateful comments based on someones ethnicityincluding Travellers is no different to calling a person of colour the N word, but you and your mate seem to think you can split hairs when it comes to your racisim to suit your own distorted perspectives. You are no friend of the canals and you certainly dont represent the values you pretend to represent on your business website in the way you have attacked me and basically trolled me. You have chosen to be negaive rather than simply stick to facts or not answer at all. You are the very fraud you claim to find so distasteful in the first place.
  11. Present some fact, tell me exactly what I am getting for free ? My boat? My license? My tax return? Present the hard facts of me doing anything against any rules or guidelines I have willingly entered into contract and signed up to. Tell me one factual thing that I get for free to substantiate your slander. You along with a few others here seem to think you have some kind of devine right to be personally abusive and that behaviour is unacceptable.
  12. I may just be someone who owns land next to the canal researching the possibility of providing leisure moorings without falling foul of the law but your bigot perspective refuses you to see such possibilities. Managing to 'stay under the radar' because you managed to pay a license and move every two weeks does not make you above anyone else or of any superior social standing, all you have done is served yourself frankly. Ironically if someone had dropped the N bomb you would be banished but dropping a slur towards Bargee Travellers appears acceptable behaviour.
  13. IM not sure what you find amusing. You have attacked a minority group of travelers and made acusations based on thin air while the other members have understood the original question and provided intellectual appropiate replies. Your sweeping statement about someone asking questions being guilty of being a freeloader is nothing more than ignorant.
  14. You appear to be a very angry bigoted person making judgemental comments towards not only myself but members of a minority group who you seem to wish to bring into the completely ignorant unfactual slur you are making towards me that is in fact completly without any factual substance, but thats bigots for you unfortunatley! What saddens me even more is that its tolerated here which is a poor show indeed. The human rights act exists for a very clear reason. https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/human-rights/human-rights-act
  15. Thank you. Is this reply you paraphrasing or is it law? For example to my knowledge in planning the onus is on the accused to prove their position and provide evidence of not living at that place in question. Providing an alternative address for example would satisfy this, but if one were a Bargee Traveller then the boat would be their residence, how would planning deal with this if at all?
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