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  1. cass1

    Engine id

    Thanks for the info again
  2. cass1

    Engine id

    thank you
  3. cass1

    Engine id

    Can anyone identify this engine please The couple who have bought the boat were told it is a Lister .Ive seen lots of them but never looking like this one. The photo is not the best
  4. Venus is at the watch house on the bridgewater and is the show boat from the iwa salford keys
  5. I was of the opinion that they were our coastal birds that had come inland for easier and richer pickings .I read recently an article in The countrymans weekly in which it said that these birds are a freshwater inhabitant that have come over here from the continent As to the numbers there is a roost on the weaver by saltersford lock and i counted over fourty one day.
  6. Try altberg they are in yorkshire and will make to order
  7. Livaboards in the marina on the weaver in northwich have been evacuated because of flooding and have been put into a hotel by the council.
  8. Check out this book The unlikely voyage of jack de crow . From ellesmere salop to the black sea in a mirror dingy !
  9. There have been gas bottles stolen recently on the bridgewater one boat had the chain locker lid and a bag of coal thrown in . we think they thought it held gas It seems the perps had to be on a boat due to getting on to secure moorings to steal two bottles Perhaps the deck plates fared similarly .
  10. Thanks again alan He now needs to get it out of the water.Nothing we can do till then
  11. Thanks alan The number on the label is p95ff 6007 scanning the bar code just brings up a number 39 .
  12. A friend has bought a cruiser At some time it had sunk. The engine runs well but there is gearbox trouble .All w e know is that it is a volvo .Can anyone tell us the model and what the box might be ?
  13. cass1

    baked spuds

    People have different ways of baking potatoes here is ours tried and tested for over twenty years Get the fire going well shut down the air Put a layer of new coal on top Wrap the spuds in foil place em on top 90 minutes voila!
  14. Anything can be stolen Years ago in a diy supermarket i had wandered off from my trolly I came back and my stuff was there but in a trolly less the pound coin
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