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  1. Hi Rab Hope you don't mind but will follow this post as I need some for ours too. 🙂
  2. We're liveaboards on a 57ft NB we have a cross over bed full sized double which gives ample room at either side for a wardrobe each, and takes about a minute tops to pull out, drop the split mattress into place and climb in. Takes about the same to put away each morning and gives a walkway to stern for access.
  3. Its our forever home so if we live aboard for 20 years the reduction will be pennies in reality. Death and Taxes the only thing you can rely on.
  4. We bought our 57ft NB lined sailaway additions from Lymm, had it coming up 2 years now and happy with it so far.
  5. We have a 12v Shoreline under counter FridgeFreezer its been absolutely spot on since we got it last year. Seems to be very efficient on power also. Pricey but worth it, likely to outlast a cheap £100 240v fridge anyway.
  6. RonnieF1967


    Hi We picked up our lined boat in the middle of March last year in the middle of the beast from the east. Slept in what can only be classed as a fridge for the next 10 days bringing her over the Rochdale Canal from Lymm to our mooring in Wakefield. With a full carpet out of the weed hatch, me going in the cut at Todmorden and an armor cabling round the prop dredging everything possible off the bottom of the canal. Still wouldn't swap her for a house. What you got to lose, go for it.
  7. No its an Alessi Kettle, very good quality and quick to boil too
  8. I was very lucky to get one of these beauties off Ebay for £21 including postage, retails around the £90 mark, very pretty and functional!
  9. Simon will try and source whatever you need and get it delivered as soon as possible, recently had our boat blacked there (2 pac) and received brilliant service from him and Dave at DB Marine.
  10. Just bought one off Amazon the same and was £7.49 pays to shop around ?
  11. Hi Cleggy We are on the Calder and Hebble at Wakefield on a 57ft NB, there are two of us and we find we have ample room, we had an extended well deck at 4ft 6" which has a cratch cover, plenty of room for my bike, a washing machine inners fire pit, cooler box and some gardening tools, ours in a Semi Trad and the two lockers on the stern house the gas bottles and jerry cans and other bits. We are newbies too and bought ours as a lined sailaway additions boat so we are still doing the interior, only a few bits left to do, Internally we have a approx 14ft lounge, 8ft6 Galley, 6ft6 bathroom and about 10ft bedroom. I would say that 60ft would be the maximum on our stretch and 57ft for the 3 locks at Salterhebble. Good Luck
  12. Yep we are finding that out but wouldn't swap our life, ten months without a fully functioning kitchen and living on pasta and stir fry just about sums it up. ?
  13. As long as the hull and engine are sound, the fit out can be done as and when necessary, we have camped in ours pretty much from day one and have steadily got the fit out done when money permitted, the boaty stuff (skin fittings, stove installation, engine service etc..) have been done by ourselves with the help of fellow experienced boaters where we moor her (great bunch of friends) The joinery work (kitchen units and some cabinets) have been done by a friend who's in the trade. Still lots to do but enjoying taking her out on the cut as often as we can after all whats the point of getting a boat if you don't cruise.
  14. Yes its classed as a lined sailaway additions. S Jacksons & Sons supply all their hulls to Lymm Boats.
  15. Hi We had thermal break windows, a Vetus 55kg bow thruster and also all electrics, plumbing and a full bathroom fitted plus some other bits and bobs. Came in at £47500 for this but would have been a bit more but we luckily got our order in for the boat before the new RCD regulations changed so got it slightly cheaper than it should have been. She's a lovely boat and apart from a few teething issues with the Canaline 38 in her she has behaved great.
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