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  1. The River breached the retaining wall, nature decided it wanted to go straight and not round a corner. It smashed the offside wall and lock landing and this is what has ended up in the canal, a massive mound of bricks and debris. So the bywash has effectively become the canal.
  2. CRT are too interested in cyclists and well being initiatives. The canals are part of our heritage and are being neglected unfortunately, should be maintained properly for future generations of boaters to enjoy as we do now.
  3. I would be up for that we are at Broad Cut and going to have to moor up before the locks to go for a few in the Brewers Pride. Oh wait the Bingley Arms will be our local from April.Yay!!
  4. That is really bad, well at least CRT can't move you on. Stay safe.
  5. Definitely, we are moored at Broad Cut and the River Calder became the canal and at 6.30pm we were 4ft above the towpath thank god for our scaffolding poles secured by brackets to the bollards when the levels dropped at 1am. It also took out one of the Figure of Three locks above Horbury, smashed the offside wall to bits. Expecting similar on Saturday oh Lordy. Scariest flood in our two years there.
  6. Hi We are in the process of fitting additional 12v sockets and came across this seller on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/empral_uk/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Good luck
  7. Probably but you get used to it as a Boater, everything you need has inflated prices hey ho don't sweat the small stuff
  8. Hi We have a 4kg Candy Aquamatic 1042D on board, runs off our Sterling 2500 inverter without any issues, we do normally use it with the engine running and normally when we are filling up at the water point, we are liveaboard. Has a superfast 14min wash cycle which we always use and uses about 40 ltrs of water per cycle. Expensive compared to the normal house size washer but after year it has saved us its purchase price on launderette fees anyway. Found mine on Ebay as a returned item small dent in front panel and got it for about £500 PS we haven't any issues with our Sterling Inverter either.
  9. Hi Rab Hope you don't mind but will follow this post as I need some for ours too. 🙂
  10. We're liveaboards on a 57ft NB we have a cross over bed full sized double which gives ample room at either side for a wardrobe each, and takes about a minute tops to pull out, drop the split mattress into place and climb in. Takes about the same to put away each morning and gives a walkway to stern for access.
  11. Its our forever home so if we live aboard for 20 years the reduction will be pennies in reality. Death and Taxes the only thing you can rely on.
  12. We bought our 57ft NB lined sailaway additions from Lymm, had it coming up 2 years now and happy with it so far.
  13. We have a 12v Shoreline under counter FridgeFreezer its been absolutely spot on since we got it last year. Seems to be very efficient on power also. Pricey but worth it, likely to outlast a cheap £100 240v fridge anyway.
  14. RonnieF1967


    Hi We picked up our lined boat in the middle of March last year in the middle of the beast from the east. Slept in what can only be classed as a fridge for the next 10 days bringing her over the Rochdale Canal from Lymm to our mooring in Wakefield. With a full carpet out of the weed hatch, me going in the cut at Todmorden and an armor cabling round the prop dredging everything possible off the bottom of the canal. Still wouldn't swap her for a house. What you got to lose, go for it.
  15. No its an Alessi Kettle, very good quality and quick to boil too
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