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  1. You never were one to miss the opportunity of spouting absolute misleading rubbish were you?
  2. Those local to Hillmorton Locks know the mooring in the pic as Badsey's Wharf, which is included in the lease of the cafe, formerly known as Badsey's Bistro, and although a number of different boats have been moored there over the years with permission of the cafe leaseholders, as they own Badsey the boat, they have kept it there for about 20 years. As for "clarification" there is a method, of which you may be unaware, of securing that ......................... ask the seller?
  3. As a warning to others mooring around Hillmorton:- This morning about 12.30am above top lock Hillmorton three men in early twenties took a bike out of the hold of an historic working boat. The boater who was in the back cabin heard the activity and followed the three towards middle Lock where they abandoned the bike and ran off along the road towards Hillmorton. They were each dressed in black with black balaclavas - some white skin visible. So clearly a planned attempt rathe than a casual opportunity.
  4. 12.00 BST, Saturday 4 June 2022 From cruise liners to destroyers, frigates to motor cruisers, narrowboats to ferries, if you’ve got a horn, then blow it! On Saturday 4 June, to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, there will be a ‘Ships Salute’ where every vessel, in every UK harbour, is being asked to sound a simultaneous long loud blast on their horn or whistle at exactly midday (12.00 BST). “As a proud maritime nation and where the name of Her Majesty has graced not only cruise liners but also the largest ship in the Royal Navy fleet, we really want the Maritime sector to show support with Merchant, Naval and leisure vessels alike by marking the Jubilee as a synchronised ‘salute’ from their horn,” RT.Hon. Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport. Every Royal Navy, Merchant Navy and recreational vessel regardless of size, class and category is invited to join the Ships Salute. Pre-registration is not required. “The Ships Salute is a fitting way for the maritime sector to join the weekend of public celebrations for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The salute is both simple and universal and we hope as many people as possible get involved,” commented Sarah Treseder, CEO, UK Chamber of Shipping. So, whatever your vessel or whatever else is happening, make sure you put a reminder in your calendar and join in the fun! Don’t forget to tell your berthholders, customers and visitors and get as many people involved as possible.
  5. I recently tried to book a cottage on AB&B and gave up after 20 attempts as their website demanded verification of email address but that link did not work. I found a telephone number for the cottage owner from a neighbour of theirs and booked direct. That saved the huge£50 booking fee.
  6. What - nobody mentioned Badsey?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Moor on towing path - cross bridge - empty toilet cassette - simples - (well, simples for most folk). A boater is happily doing that right now.
  9. Hillmorton Elsan disposal is now open. Whilst CRT have been happy to leave it blocked saying that the problem was in a pipe owned by the water authority who were refusing to respond, an enterprising CRT employee got together with one of their contractors who pointed out that the pipe from the Elsan did NOT go through the Water Authority pipes but by an ancient British Waterways double dog-leg pipe, down which he forced a camera which found the blockage. Turned out to be an oblong shaped plastic lid. After about three hours sluicing he got a cheer from assembled boating types who declared the sewer open for business.
  10. Thanks again for your replies. Mystery solved.
  11. Thankyou for the info. Strange that I could not find it listed on the usual working boat archives. Must be old age.
  12. There are two "buckby" cans on ebay at present. The seller says they recently sold their working boat pair and these cans came from Ellesmere. I can't find reference to a working boat named Ellesmere. Does anyone know of this boat and what it was paired with? Or does he mean they have nothing to do with the pair of bots he sold but that hey come from Ellesmere Port?
  13. Vox Stellarum - Almanac of Francis Moore, specialising in prophecies and predictions of the future 😉
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