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  1. I have just paid circa £13 ( plus P & P) and will test it and post my results. Thanks to those of you who have given me the benefit of their experience with it, it will be worth every penny to me if it works! OO
  2. I told my son about it earlier, as he has an older car, and he heaved a sigh of relief - apparently he had been on my ipad earlier and seen it in my search history and wondered what on earth I was up to
  3. I seem to have a leak and a kind friend insisted it was where a wire goes into cabin, so put a grommet thing in for me - but alas, the leak continues. Then found an article in an automotive magazine where a chap said his vehicle had been leaking for 2yrs despite many repairs, but that he'd finally solved it by using 'Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure'. I thought it was a wind=up but googled it, and read some positive reviews and found it has many fans. Anyone on here ever used it? OO
  4. OK thanks. I clicked on this and it shows a black screen with a teensy weensy little square in the middle???
  5. First? Surely I won't be able to blow up anything if it's screw is in place????
  6. Thanks Mark! (you should see my knots )
  7. Sounds like a new band! "Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and give a big welcome to' Soft Shackles'!".
  8. Thanks for this because I thought they had to be attached to the rail, but my neighbour said no, fasten them onto the gunwales! Que???
  9. Am busily preparing my boat for its transfer voyage and wan to attach some new fenders but need some guidance on how long my fender ropes should be please? I have some go-cart tyres (not rope fenders as yet) and have bought some proper fender rope, but need to know how far below the little eyelet things on my gunwales I should hang them? Thanks, as ever, Olive ?
  10. Alan - stop dissing me - I still have L plates! Rickent - I will definitely get my own back in approximately two weeks time!
  11. Update If said tubes/channels are for catching rainwater-how does the rainwater get into them?? They are open-ended on my back deck but disappear into the structure of my boat, and have no obvious other point of entry-exit, also, they are oval (angled spheroid?) so end caps are going to be difficult to fit. If they are for catching rainwater, then surely I shouldn't be blocking them off??
  12. You little tinker! I had same friend over yesterday trying to help fix another leak and I nearly asked him to listen whilst I hitched up my hose-pipe - seriously!!
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